NeoCon 2016: Trends and Some Favorites

Some of you may remember that I was able to attend NeoCon last year due to the fact that I was at that time working for a mid-grade office furniture retailer. While a lot has changed in a mere year and while I was unable to attend, Neocon will always hold a special place in my heart because it was not only my first tradeshow ever, but because it also helped me realize my love for design/styling.

Just for a bit of background: Neocon is one of the largest office furniture tradeshows in the country. It's in Chicago (in the Merchandise Market, to be specific) and all of the big, classic names in the office furniture world show up to showcase their new and their most popular designs. We're talking Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase - basically, if they make office furniture in any form, there is a good chance they're attending Neocon.

After taking a look at some of the coverage from the event, I collected some of my absolute favorite designs and styles from the tradeshow and noticed a few emerging trends that I am all for.

Bringing on Texture and the Great Outdoors!

Herman Miller seemed to really lead the pack on this one with an installation of plants and furniture right as you entered the building. I also enjoyed these more nuanced approaches that feel homey, yet entirely balanced in the best way possible with plenty of organic elements and lots of texture.

Herman Miller - Neocon 2016 - A Detailed Palette


The wireframe sofa above is one of my ultimate favorites! I just love both of the installations above.

Offering Modern Designs with Modern Boundaries

Nearly everything that I saw come through was incredibly modern, with straight lines and a minimalistic approach to design. That said, there also seemed to be a desire and an emphasis to capture some sort of "private space". If you will - the focus seemed to be on furniture that was modern and simple in profile with the promise of a personal bubble. A design from Haworth that definitely fit this description really stood out me. Not only was it listed as a best of neocon design, but I think it perfectly embodies the trend of the streamlined yet still separate approach.



Keeping It Simple

I also loved the Z-bar LED pendant lighting below from Koncept Inc. It has such a unique look - and for those of us who have had to suffer under flourescent lighting... we know just how much of an impact good, stylish lighting can have. I'd love to see this in person, and it again falls very much within the modern/clean lines trend that dominated the show.



What do you think? Would you take any of the above for your own office? I know I would!
Have a great Monday!
-xo, Rachel