New Year, New Rug

Rug Regret - A Detailed Palette

New year, new rug - isn't that how the saying goes? No? Regardless, I definitely need a new rug. I blame my optimistic nature for thinking that a rug with even a little bit of white was doable/would be fine. How people keep these full white/fluffy rugs (see below) clean I will never know and will forever be amazed.

Perhaps no pets and no one forgets to take off their shoes? Either way, I am not privy to either of those clubs - which I am okay with. It just means that my once beloved rug is looking a little worse for wear and that it's time for a new one to take it's place. Thank goodness I didn't spend too much on my current one.

When it comes to looking for affordable rugs, RugsUSA is my go-to. You can usually find a nice rug for about $70 because they always have some sort of sale going on. It's a breath of fresh air, to be honest. Rugs can be insanely expensive - why, it seems, is something that not many know, myself included.

Just in case you too are in the market for something lovely to dress up your floors, I thought I'd share some of my current favorites.

Chunky Loop Rug in Beige and Gray - It's a definite front runner for my own choice, but I am not sure how Reggie would react to the tassels. He is usually well-behaved, but I could see this detail bringing out his destructive side. Whether in gray or in beige, the rug itself is still gorgeous - I love the textured look that it offers and think it would hold up well unlike it's predecessor (as there is no white!)

Natura Handspun Rug - Perfectly neutral and textured - I imagine it would hold up to dirt and use very well. There are some rave reviews for this rug, with many stating that it looks way more expensive than it is and that it is very thick and soft. Sounds like a great investment to me.

Windsor Overdyed Rug - I just love this rug - the coloring, pattern, everything. Best of all, you can make a statement with this rug in your home with it's bright, saturated coloring. I've been thinking about whether or not the yellow version would fit well in our apartment.

Another thing that I've learned from this past rug purchase - buy a rug pad. It's going to make life easier and IS worth the extra cost.

Have a wonderful Monday, you guys!
-xo, Rachel