Newest Addition in My World of Crafting

About two months ago, I began using an old TV stand to store some of my yarn. The TV stand was in the guest bedroom and was being used as a sort of nightstand previously. I actually had a wooden board on hand (found when our neighbors moved out), and I placed it on top of the TV stand, as a sort of make shift table. It fit nicely and created a lot more surface space for me to work with. This slowly started a new movement; in addition to yarn, a few craft supplies and a few projects that had long been stored away in closets made the pilgrimage to the guest bedroom. It sort of became, without much thought,  3/4 guest bedroom, 1/4 craft storage room.

Now, as my birthday surprise has been installed, it's definitely tipping the scales; more like 1/2 bedroom, 1/2 craft room.

Sewing Machine via A Detailed Palette

That's right! I got a sewing machine. Isn't she a beauty? I am so excited to learn more. Although I have never sewed before, I have been wanting one for quite some time, but it's tricky to find just the right one, especially when it comes down to finding the right price. As with many other purchases, when buying a sewing machine, you typically get what you pay for. I absolutely love this one though - Andy and his parents did a great job. Sending so many thanks their way... really full of gratitude right now.

Craft Room Before - via A Detailed Palette

With this new addition (which brought along a new table and a new chair into a space that was already quite full), it's time to reorganize this space. It's incredibly crowded now, as you can see somewhat above with the bed and the chair being so close, and it's just not an aesthetically pleasing room or a functional set up. The chair that I do have is also terribly suited for sewing, especially if it's going to be for any long duration of time. Plus, due to its arms, I can't simply and neatly tuck the chair in when I am done for a neater look and more space for guests. More importantly, we have to store Andy's dresser in this room, as there is no room for it in our bedroom, and it so badly needs to be replaced.

So with that said, I am planning out the look of my new craft room and guest bedroom. This will definitely be low-budget, and most of these picks are simply to inspire me. I am wondering if one can sew a duvet cover? And when/if I'll be ready for such a huge undertaking?

I'd really like to go with more of a deep, dark blue for the duvet cover, as the other walls not pictured are a light blue. Yellows and pinks would be great complementing tones. I've always wanted an Eames chair, and while I certainly cannot afford a real one, there are many affordable options inspired by the original design. The dresser above is pretty much exactly what we need... I am still holding out for a Craigslist find though. While this painting is out of my price range, I really do love this and would love to put a DIY spin on an abstract painting like this. This card catalog table just looks incredibly cool. Plus, I have to imagine that this would be perfect for some out of the way yarn storage. In the meantime, baskets are another yarn storage method. Lastly, I want to utilize the corner wall space that is directly in front of the sewing desk - this corner shelf would help me do the trick!

Now, on to the important stuff... any good sewing sites and projects that you would recommend for beginners? 

-xo, Rachel