Jane Austen Emma - Lately - A Detailed Palette

This month has been a bit crazy for me, both personally and professionally. I have officially started my new job! Some of my co-workers at my old job were kind enough to hold a little going-away happy hour for me - and while that was a bit sad, I am so excited for the new opportunities that this new role will bring. And luckily, I will still be keeping in touch with all of them! :)  It's been an adjustment though, only really because my overall commute time has doubled (an hour there and then an hour back home). Do any of you have tips for making the commute better? I'm currently trying out audiobooks, but think that I may have gotten one that is too depressing. A friend has recommended that I listen to the Dark Knight soundtrack... so maybe I'll just do that to ensure that it is an epic drive to and from work. Sounds like it could work.

This weekend, I attended the 200 Years of Jane Austen Mendota Seminar held by the UW-English Department with my friend Nicole. It was SO great, although I was hit hard with nostalgia as I walked around the UW-Madison campus. The seminar was held in Helen C. White, and it brought back so many memories of all of my late nights studying and all of my English classes. The event consisted of four different speakers, lecturing on a variety of topics, including how to teach Jane Austen in high school (which was weirdly fascinating, even if not very applicable to my life) and about the places in Jane Austen's works. Emily Auerbach, the author of Searching for Jane Austen, a book that has now been added to my must-read list, provided some really great insights about Jane Austen as a brand and Jane Austen as an author. I loved her presentation. I can't recommend these Mendota Seminars enough! I am already looking forward to the next one - even if parking in Madison can be a bit of a nightmare.

I'm also finally taking charge of my goal to learn calligraphy! Mint & Lovely Studios in Milwaukee is going to be hosting a class in November with Saffron Avenue, and my friend Kate and I signed up for the afternoon session. A few of you may remember the floral arrangement workshop that we attended. I am really looking forward to this - I've put off learning calligraphy for far too long!

Halloween, Nanowrimo, some badger football outings, and Thanksgiving are all rapidly approaching at this point. I can't believe we're so close to the end of 2015.

Here is to hoping your Monday is wonderful... despite it being Monday! :)
-xo, Rachel