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On Budget: Home Brewed Coffee

On Budget: Home Brewed Coffee

In effort to cut back on so much spending and stay true to one of my New Year's resolutions, I'm taking making my own coffee to another level.

I invested in the following items:

Electric Kettle

Okay, we admittedly received a new one as a Christmas gift, which was really nice since our old one was starting to malfunction. An electric kettle is a must for every coffee and tea drinker out there. Simply fill it with water, turn on the switch, and wait for your water to boil. My electric kettle simply turns off when it's ready to go - it's incredibly convenient.

Pour Over Method + Coffee Filters 

We actually have two pour over coffee makers, one of which is incredibly simple and makes one cup. I really prefer this because then I don't waste any coffee. Whenever I use a normal coffee maker with just the coffee pot, I always end up wasting some despite my best intentions. We also have an Aeropress - it creates amazing coffee, but is sometimes more difficult for me to use because there is a lot of pressure that you have to press against. I definitely prefer the simple white pour over below, although the coffee that each makes is quite delicious.

Whole Bean Coffee

I always buy whole bean coffee and grind the beans just before brewing. It makes SUCH a huge difference in the quality and taste. Where you get your coffee is obviously a personal preference. If you're in the Milwaukee area, I highly recommend Colectivo Coffee - it's basically all that I drink now because that's how delicious all of it is!

Coffee Canister

If you buy whole bean coffee, you should probably have an air tight canister to store it in. Two favorites are show above. These just help to keep your coffee beans fresh and flavorful without having to keep the beans bagged, which obviously loses it's ability to keep the beans fresh as soon as it's opened.

Bean Grinder

While loud and annoying to use first thing in the morning, the taste of the coffee is SO worth it.

Colectivo Coffee Mug

I'm going to try to brew my own coffee each morning. For those days when I can't make it (and another tip for those in Milwaukee), I'm going to be taking my Colectivo travel thermos - pictured above - to Colectivo. They'll fill it up for a highly discounted price which is incredibly awesome.

Here's to conquering New Year's resolutions - one baby step at a time! Have an amazing Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel

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