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On Budget: Home Manicures

On Budget: Home Manicures

As I shared last week, one of my big goals for 2016 is better money management. I think that this is something that many of us struggle with, regardless of income or age. It's something that also always becomes much more apparent during the holidays and once (in my own case anyway) you actually look back and see how much you've forked over for student loans (gah!).

So, in fitting with this goal, I decided to take a look at my own spending and see how I can incorporate more budget friendly ways of doing things... and decided to take on manicures and see how I could better do them myself.

DIY Home Manicures - On Budget - A Detailed Palette

What You'll Need

1. Nail Polish
My favorite brands - note these brand are pricier, but are worth it in the long run. The colors are better, polish is more durable both outside and inside the bottle.
Essie Polish
Sally Hansen Polish - Miracle Gel
OPI Polish
2. Top Coat - Sally Hansen's Quick Dry Top Coat
3. Bottom Coat - Sally Hansen's Double Duty Coat
4. Nail File and nail clippers - I recommend square clippers

Shape your nails using the file and the clippers. I also usually moisturize my hands after this step as filing usually makes my nail beds much more dry than they previously were. This is so up to personal preference - I have been going for a square shape lately.

I use the Sally Hanson Double Duty Polish for my bottom coat. It's technically designed to be either a top coat or bottom coat, and can be used as both, but since it takes some time to really dry, I prefer to use it only as the bottom coat. It makes everything super glossy, and I have found that it helps the next couple of coats stay on longer and just look better generally.

I do about 2 coats of color - maybe more, depending on how light the color is. Current favorite colors:

Mink Muffs (in photo below) from Essie
Wine Not - Sally Hansen Complete Manicure
Taupe-less Beach - OPI
High Speed - Sally Hansen Insta Dry

DIY Manicures - A Detailed Palette

Lastly, after the coats of are dry, I apply Sally Hansen's Quick Dry Top Coat. I love this stuff because it legitimately does dry quickly (you'd be surprised how many polish say this on the bottle and don't), it's incredibly glossy (basically fixing any mistakes that you've made before you put it on), and it lasts. This stuff is my favorite because it actually works and protects the color.

Budget-Friendly Manicure - A Detailed Palette

If you're looking to be a little bit smarter with your money, doing your manicures yourself can be a great way to do so - without them having to look poorly. The top coat definitely makes the nails look well-done.

Have an amazing Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel

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