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Pet-Friendly Home: Storage Items Worth Having

Pet-Friendly Home: Storage Items Worth Having

Life with pets is certainly never boring! Surprisingly, even having a small dog like Reggie seems to come with a lot of stuff; food, treats, grooming/care, and toys. Here are a few storage items that I think are worth having when it comes to keeping all of my stuff organized.

Treat Storage

If you buy a lot of dog treats, then you know how irritating having all of the separate bags can be. We don't really have a ton of room to store all of the different bags, so we just got this adorable treat container with the hopes of eliminating that problem. This way, the treats are easily accessible and displayed in a really organized and cute way. So far, it has been really, really nice to have!

Pet-Friendly Home - Storage Items Worth Having - A Detailed Palette

Some of Reggie's favorite treats currently inside his treat jar:

Blue Buffalo Halloween Boo Bars courtesy of These are such cute seasonal treats, and Reggie loves them.

Wellness Pure Rewards - Venison Jerky courtesy of

Food Storage

Up until recently, I had been searching for a container to keep Reggie's food in, rather than just let the bag sit opened. It's just not the neatest approach. After talking to a few friends who have these containers and affirmed that they definitely were nice to have, I decided to add pet food storage to my wish list. I finally discovered the perfect storage unit for it at the Container Store this weekend. For those of you who don't know, a Container Store opened in Milwaukee, and I have been pretty excited about it.

Pet Friendly Home - Storage Worth Having - A Detailed Palette

Toy Storage

This one always seems to be something of a battle that you can't actually win, but you still need some place to corral all of the toys - even if your pet is just going to be dragging them out in a few short seconds after you've put them all away. Or if your pet is like my dog Reggie, they'll whine at you until you are forced to drag the toy out for your pet in order to have any peace. even with all of that, toy storage is definitely worth having; the more simple, the better.

Pet Care/Grooming

We keep all of Reggie's grooming supplies in one of our teal polka-dot boxes - the one that we keep stored by the TV. This box is actually meant to be used for storing photos, but it works perfectly for keeping all of his grooming supplies together in an organized way. And since the box is so cute, it's still easily accessible without being unsightly - yay!

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