Quick, Easy and Affordable Updates

Interested in adding a new look to your home without spending a lot of time or money? It's truly the dream, isn't it? Here are a few projects I've recently completed to update the look and feel of our small apartment.

Marble Dresser

Materials: Marble Contact Paper from Darby Smart
Cost - $13.00 (shopped with coupon)
Time: About 35 minutes (had to smooth out air bubbles quite often)

So I absolutely love the look of so many West Elm furniture pieces - especially those that combine a soft acorn finish with a gorgeous marble surface. I decided to give my old dresser some much needed TLC after my friend Nicole, who was looking for ways to make her side table more spiffy, pointed out that Darby Smart had some really pretty marble contact paper.

I bought two rolls of the stuff and was sure to use a credit card as I was applying the contact paper to ensure that it was smooth. It took some time though - whenever I noticed bubbles form, I would lift the contact paper back up and re-smooth. If your furniture piece is large like mine and you'll have to cut the marble contact paper, I advise you to really plan out how the contact paper will overlap/how the pattern will blend. I cut off quite a lot to make sure that the marble veins were mostly seamless.

DIY Marble Dresser - A Detailed Palette

As a disclaimer, my dresser isn't usually this empty! I left it mostly unstyled in these photos - I just really wanted to give you an idea of how the contact paper looks.

Quick, Easy, Affordable Updates - Marble Contact Paper Dresser  A Detailed Palette

Gold Globe & Candlesticks

Materials: Rust-o-leum Gold Metallics Spray Paint - $5
Time: About 5 minutes work, 1 hour waiting for paint to dry/fumes to settle

I recently put our small yard space to work and used some gold spray paint to give some older decor items new life. Spray painting is SO easy. Plus, one can goes a long way.
Tips for spray painting: 
1. Shake the can for at LEAST a minute. Two minutes is better. Seriously, count it out in your head, don't just guess. This helps stir up the paint and makes your paint job smoother and more beautiful - yay!
2.Don't hold the can too close to whatever your painting - if you do, this can lead to drips and a not very smooth paint job.
3. Better to have light, feather strokes than heavier ones. Again, this will be easier to accomplish if not holding the can too close to whatever you're painting.
4. Make sure to be in a well-ventilated area and let the item sit for some time so has to let the fumes dissipate. 

Globe Before:

Quick, Easy, Affordable Updates - A Detailed Palette

Globe AFTER!

Quick, Easy, Affordable Updates - Gold Spray Paint - A Detailed Palette

Candlesticks Before:

Quick, Easy, Affordable Updates - Gold Spray Paint -  A Detailed Palette
Quick, Easy, Affordable Updates - Gold Candlesticks - A Detailed Palette

It doesn't get much easier or more affordable than these updates, and I am so happy with how they all turned out!

Have a great Thursday, you guys!
-xo, Rachel