Rocksbox Review

Rocksbox Review - A Detailed Palette

I have been thinking about giving Rocksbox a try for a while now. Similar to a few other subscription boxes, Rocksbox focuses on jewelry. Needless to say, I was really excited to see that @lpodlich was doing a Rocksbox giveaway and I was even more excited when I got the message that I had a won a free six months subscription to Rocksbox! These Instagram contests, you guys... I swear, the best contests ever! 

My first box arrived last Thursday. First thoughts: the packaging is so fun and beautiful - really makes it feel like you're opening a present. As with all subscription boxes, it's just fun to have some mail to look forward to, isn't it? I know that I was eagerly awaiting its arrival. I immediately loved the look of all three pieces included, and I could tell that my stylist had tried to match my wishlist that I had created as part of my Rocksbox profile.

There were three pieces in this month's box - 2 of which I absolutely love and one of which I really like the look of, but it's not the most comfortable accessory to wear.

My First Rocksbox Review - A Detailed Palette

My favorite piece from this box would have to be the earrings... I am thinking about keeping them. With this subscription box, you don't get to keep any of the pieces at all unless you pay for them - at a discounted price, of course. Thankfully, returning the pieces is very easy. As soon as your pieces are returned and/or purchased, you get your next box - a very cool idea that lets you sort of try out your jewelry before you commit.

Rocksbox Favorites - A Detailed Palette

Overall, this first month's box is a definite success - I also could totally see how a subscription box like this would make for an awesome Christmas gift.

Have a wonderful Monday!
-xo, Rachel