Sleeping Better in 2017 with SmartWake

This post is sponsored by Verlo. All opinions are my own.

Sleeping Better in 2017 - A Detailed Palette

You may remember that one of my goals for 2017 was to get more sleep and better sleep each night. It's been a huge priority for me this year - so much so that I have even begun setting bedtime alarms to help me stay on track. I also was introduced to the SmartWake by Verlo - an alarm and sleep monitor. It's actually an incredible cool concept - it's designed to actually wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle i.e. when you are not in deep sleep. Due to the sensor being able to pick up on this, it makes waking up easier, something I can totally get behind because waking up is hard.

SmartWake - A Detailed Palette

I have been using the SmartWake alarm and monitor for over 2 weeks now, and I think it along with going to bed earlier has really helped to make waking up much less of a challenge. The nice thing, too, is that you don't have to worry about oversleeping - you simply set a range of time and the SmartWake alarm and monitor chooses the optimal time in that range to wake you up.

Sleeping Better with SmartWake - A Detailed Palette

So far, unlike my goal to blog on a more timely schedule, my goal to get better sleep in 2017, yet wake up earlier is off to a really great start. I've also been thinking about cutting back on caffeine, but I am not quite sure I can do that just yet! :) I just love coffee far too much.