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Knitting Project: Small Knitted Cactus

Knitting Project: Small Knitted Cactus

I have been on a mission lately to decorate my workspace at the office. I have very little decor  on my desk at work, and after researching and writing countless blogs about the topic of workplace design for my day job, I know that feeling at home and happy at your desk is a great way to boost performance and just generally make your desk a happier place to be. I was also extra inspired when my coworker brought in a knitted potted plant that he found at a local store in Milwaukee. I figured that I could make something similar. Not only was I looking forward to the break from never-ending baby blanket that I am still working on, but I also knew it would be the perfect desk decor. Enter this little knitted cactus.

Knitted Cactus Teacup Plant

I originally made the teacup to be a candle; I added a quote from Albus Dumbledore with a paint pen and then melted leftover wax from a cheap candle that hadn't burned evenly. I then filled the teacup with said leftover wax, propping a new wick, thereby creating a DIY candle.

The candle again hadn't burned evenly, leaving me with a teacup that was just sort of there with some leftover wax slanted at an awkward angle. Andy actually reminded me of this teacup when I went about, looking for a container/pot for my baby cactus. Lo and behold, here is the final product!

If you're trying to bring a little life into your workspace, I highly recommend any type of plant, whether real of fake. I've got two fake plants (this one included) now at my desk, and they have definitely made my desk a more cheerful place. 

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