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Some Gift Ideas

Some Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas - A Detailed Palette

Since it's that time of year, I thought I'd share a few gift ideas. Some of these are even items on my own shopping list for the holidays - either that or I have the items and feel very comfortable recommending them for others.

Wireless headphones - I think almost anyone would enjoy these, although especially those who workout quite often and listen to music when they do so. I have the Beat Solo3 in Rose Gold, and while pricey, they have been totally worth it. It is SO much easier to run with these. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but you really don't think about how annoying regular headphones are until you no longer have to deal with them. Sound quality is fantastic too.

Some Gift Ideas - A Detailed Palette

Notebooks + Personalized Stationary - Definitely will not be the right fit for everyone on your list, but these are fun items that people typically do not buy for themselves and are usually perfect for the beginning of a new year, when clean/fresh starts are on everyone's mind.

Zojirushi Coffee Thermos - it's not a crazy demand to want a coffee thermos to keep your coffee warm and to not spill. That said, it can be hard to find a coffee thermos that really works. Let me introduce you to zojirushi coffee thermos. We have one of these and it is SERIOUS. Like "leave coffee in a car overnight and the coffee is still warm" serious.

Specialized Ornaments - this gift idea can be as customized as you want it to be based of the person interest. Doctor Who fan? Get them a TARDIS ornament. Harry Potter fan? Maybe a Hedwig ornament. You get the idea. It's really easy, really meaningful, and they will get to enjoy it for years upon years.

TARDIS Ornament - Gift Ideas - A Detailed Palette

A few more ideas are listed below.

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