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Spring Goals & Updates

Spring Goals & Updates

Spring Goals and Updates - A Detailed Palette

Spring is officially here, and now that the Easter holiday is behind us, it felt appropriate to share some of my goals and updates for the spring season.

1. Go Hiking at Kettle Moraine

I have done a few of the trails,but definitely need to explore this area more... and maybe even take Reggie for a few of the hikes.

2.  Escape Chambers Milwaukee

This may be kind of cheating to place it on the list since I've already completed it, but I just sort of felt like it had to be included. Plus, it was too much fun to not mention. I recently did this with six other friends, and it was a blast. There are a few different scenarios to chose from, but all of them essentially boil down to you being trapped in a room. The only way out is to find clues and piece them together to unlock the doors and escape! Naturally, I felt like Sherlock Holmes the entire time. Best of all, our group succeeded in escaping. If you're in the Milwaukee area, I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

3. Train For and Complete the Madison Half Marathon

I am currently doing this now and just signed up for my fifth half marathon in May. 

4. Host a Murder Mystery Party

This is something I have always wanted to do - specifically a 1920s murder mystery party. I figured my birthday would be the ideal time for this. I'll be sure to share photos and details when everything is all said and done - so stay tuned.

5. Travel to Arizona

I'm going to be heading to Arizona this year for vacation and to visit my sister. Exciting things! I am so happy to be traveling again in the near future - thankfully no work associated with the trip this time around.

Pet-Friendly Home: Dog Spaces and Dog Decor

Pet-Friendly Home: Dog Spaces and Dog Decor

Color Crush: Jade & Teal

Color Crush: Jade & Teal