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Pet-Friendly Home: Things I've Learned Living with Mr. Reggie

Pet-Friendly Home: Things I've Learned Living with Mr. Reggie

So Reggie is one adorable pup, and he is almost two years old! With that in mind, I decided to write a bit about living with pets and the impact that Reggie has had on a lot of our home decisions and purchases.

Steps fora Pet-Friendly Home

Be Careful with Plants

Some common house plants are toxic to animals. This includes my beloved philodendrons. We're careful to keep the leaves away from Reggie. We also take care to maintain these plants, picking off dead leaves before they fall to the floor, where they would be well within Reggie's reach. Thankfully, he's also never been too interested in eating the plants, preferring instead to stare at us longingly every time we eat anything.

Consider Your Color Choices

How to have a pet-friendly home via A Detailed Palette

I used to be obsessed with the idea of owning a white everything; a white couch, white bedding, etc. I really just loved the clean look. I now know that this isn't the brightest choice for me as a pet owner as the chances of it staying clean are very slim. We've made sure to invest in other neutrals when it comes to bedding, focusing a lot on gray, as it's not too dark, but still easy to clean in case of dirty paw prints. These little color choices have been entirely worth it. This white throw blanket, one of Reggie's favorites, has gray undertones so keeping it clean hasn't been very challenging. This probably would not be the case if it were stark white. It's inevitable that dogs will be messy, but the mess is well worth the companionship, cuteness, and cuddles.

No More Shag Rugs

All things considered, Reggie is usually incredibly well-behaved. He doesn't chew on our shoes, he avoids puddles and hates rain, and he's also too small to knock anything over. But he did have a tendency to dig up the shag rug in our bedroom whenever left alone, effectively ruining it before he learned that it was not polite behavior. It got to the point where I'd hide the shag rug before going out. I finally decided it wasn't worth the hassle and instead invested in two area rugs that were flat weave. While not the most plush, these rugs are still soft to the touch, look great, and I don't have to worry about Reggie practicing his digging skills while we're out for a bit. Flat weaves are also incredibly easy to clean in the case of the random accident that may come with any pet.

More Home, Less House

Pets of any kind really make any house feel more like home. It's less about how pretty everything looks and more about how comfortable and happy you, your pets, and your family are. I also love coming home from work to be welcomed by Reggie - one of the best parts of my day!

Pet Beds In Theory Vs. In Practice

As much as I am ALWAYS tempted to get a pet bed for Reggie, I know that he will probably destroy it. This has been the case twice now. I'd love to find one that he can't destroy, because they are just so cute and seem so practical, but I am not sure it will ever happen. Maybe one day! In the meantime, he's the biggest bed hog ever... but so cuddly that I can't even be mad about it.

Dog Toys = Decor, Right?

If you're at our apartment, you're probably going to see dog toys scattered about the floor. At this point, I've accepted them as part of the decor and encourage you to as well. I've discovered that picking up Reggie's toys and stashing them in his toy basket is a fruitless endeavor. He actually won't take them out of the basket once I put them in there - but he will whine at them and stare at them until I can't help but eventually cave and take them out of the basket. It's also worth noting that I only place toys in his basket that he is thoroughly ignoring/not playing with/shouldn't be whining about.

All that said, Mr. Reggie is a joy to live with, and I know I am biased, but I do think he's the best dog ever. 

Have a great Monday!

-xo, Rachel

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