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Styling Tips for a Rental Kitchen

Styling Tips for a Rental Kitchen

Here are a few facts about our current kitchen. It’s an older style… and just not one that aligns with my tastes at all. We also rent our current apartment so we are very limited in what we can do. But even with those two facts, it’s a great size, has a new dishwasher, and everything works. So when it comes down to it, it’s a decent kitchen even if not the prettiest. It can be really difficult to make kitchens pretty if you don’t have all of the bells and whistles when it comes to subway tile backsplash, gorgeous hardware, and marble counters.

I’ve thought about asking permission to paint our cabinets. And I know it’s possible to paint your countertops (apparently). But I am not going to lie; that seems like a lot of effort for a room that we will eventually be leaving behind and one that, in the meantime, we need to use multiple times a day. Maybe I’ll do it one day, but as of now, I’m very content with the other small ways that I have found to make our kitchen more visually appealing.

Since counter space is limited, I say focus on styling your kitchen with only useful items. Here are the ones that I choose:

Rental Kitchen Styling Tips via A Detailed Palette

Add Wooden Cutting Boards

These are actually bamboo cutting boards that I found on Amazon, and I love them. They are just one of the best purchases that I have ever made. Very sturdy, stylish, and so eye catching with their two-tone look. One big thing to note is that these are not dishwasher safe, but I don’t mind in the least. We use these every day, regardless of what we are preparing for dinner.

Add a Spice Rack

Again, this is something that we use every day, and it’s vital for cooking, especially for Andy, as he actually knows when to incorporate a certain spice whereas I just sort of guess or ask google. 

Prop Up Some Cookbooks

You may have noticed that our kitchen counters are powder blue. Just kidding. I don't know how anyone can not notice. Why this was ever selected, I will never know, but it happened to match this cookbook that Andy received for Christmas. I propped it up, as it’s both decorative and functional, and I’ve never looked back. Considering how many cookbooks there are out there, there is bound to be at least one cookbook that would match/dress up your kitchen while giving you some great recipes.

Display Fresh Fruit

I always display whatever fresh fruit we have that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. That way, it doubles as both décor AND food – win-win.

Have Cute Dishtowels

I know I’ve already shared this Cynthia Rowley dishtowel, but I really do love it. I have a few others, too, that make a rotation so as to add a bit of color into our kitchen.

Ways to Make Your Rental Kitchen Prettier via A Detailed Palette

Set Up a Coffee/Tea Corner

With some coffee supplies, a cutting board, a decorative bowl and a puzzle piece cutting board, I created a little coffee corner for our kitchen using coffee products that we already had. This is probably my favorite part of our kitchen and I really like that I don’t have to go hunting for anything in our cabinets. It’s all right there in front of me, neatly organized. Having everything placed on a cutting board gives a tray like effect, making it look really styled, but also making it really easy to move everything closer to me or moved out of the way when I am no longer using it.

Tips for Styling a Rental Kitchen via A Detailed Palette

These are just a few items I've used  to give our kitchen a little bit more style since we can't really do much else. I am sure there are many others out there - and I'd love to hear any other favorites you have.  I was actually pretty nervous to share these photos because I feel like it is so different from what you see on so many other interior blogs - you know, the glorious photos of the all white, immaculate kitchen with marble counter tops. But I decided that I am doing the best with what I've got and that should be blog-worthy. I hope you agree! After all, it's still all about the details; even if you can't change the big things, I think that a little bit of styling can go a long way! 

As always, any feedback is warmly welcomed! Hope you enjoyed the peek into our kitchen!

-xo, Rachel

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