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Summer Projects for the Home

Summer Projects for the Home

Summer Projects for the Home via A Detailed Palette

Now that I have a sewing machine, I've been spending a lot of time day dreaming about all of the things I can make with it. That very quickly morphed into dreaming about all of the things I'd like to create this summer. Most of them, to no one's surprise, have to deal with my apartment.

Duvet Cover - I'd really like to make a duvet cover as I mentioned yesterday. I am thinking a deep, moody blue. According to Martha Stewart, a really budget-friendly way to do this is to use two sheets and sew them together and creating a French seam. It's a project that's totally out of my skill set for now, but I am really going to try to get this whole sewing thing down.

Throw Pillow Covers - Andy's mom has already showed me how to do this, although I am no where near confident enough to try it on my own. She's made me three pillow case covers, and I love them all! It also amazed me at how quickly she could do the whole project. I am so used to knitting where it takes DAYS and tons of time.

Knitted Baby Blanket - Just because I am trying to learn how to sew, it doesn't mean that knitting will no longer be a part of my summer to-do list! I am actually gearing up to work on baby blanket number three with an entirely new pattern and some navy blue yarn.

Knitted Cactus Plant - I just sort of threw this one together, inspired by something similar that my coworker brought into work. I'd really like to create one for my bookshelf since the other one currently resides in my cubicle at work.

Updated Art - The idea is to find a piece of artwork for cheap from a thrift store. While you don't have to love it, the general subject matter should be something that you like. Then, you paint over it, following the same general look, but making the colors bolder and brighter and more... you. In the example below, I actually love the original piece, and I am not sure that I would have wanted to paint over it, even though it turns out nicely. I just think it would be a fun project and a great way to get more art in a budget-friendly way.

Heart Shaped Elbow Pads - I have one shirt in particular that this would look great on. I mean, just click the link below to see what I mean. They are SO adorable.

I know I would like to be able to make curtains, but I am wondering if that's an item that's best when just purchased and not a DIY kind of item. Any projects that you think I should add to the list?

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Newest Addition in My World of Crafting