Things to Love about Winter

Reasons to Love Winter - A Detailed Palette

Is it just me, or does winter begin to slowly drive everyone crazy? Maybe it's cabin fever or maybe it's just because it is SO cold, but I feel like winter brings out the complainers in all of us. I think even the most positive person in the world has some bad days in the winter.

To be honest, it's far from my favorite season... but instead of delving into the negatives of it, I am going to try to raise our collective spirit (something I think we all could use at this point) and focus on some positive things that winter has to offer.

Hot Beverages ALL THE TIME

Okay, yes you can technically have tea, coffee, and hot chocolate whenever you want, but they are definitely more fitting in the winter, no matter which way you're looking at it.

Reasons to Love Winter - A Detailed Palette

Perspective and Gratitude Are Easier to Come By

Having perspective and gratitude are something that we ideally always have, but none of us are perfect and these two things can get away from us more often than not. Whenever the temperatures drop, I think it's easier to have perspective and to be grateful for the things that you have, like a warm place to call home. It's crazy how many people don't have that very, very basic thing. While I wish I had this clarity all the time and was always super motivated to donate items year round, the truth of the matter is that winter definitely brings out this side of me, for good reason, and I don't think I am alone.

Inside Time

While I do wish the days were longer and that I could run outside, being cooped up isn't all that bad when you have things to do. Yes, watching Netflix gets old after awhile and sometimes you just want variety. Host a game night or read a stack of books - winter provides you with the ideal time to do both without feeling guilty about staying cooped up indoors.

Reasons to Love Winter - A Detailed Palette

Get Outside

Okay, so this just isn't going to be something that is possible or desirable on every day of winter. Sometimes it's just TOO cold. On the days when it's not, get out and do things you can ONLY do in the winter to fully appreciate the season; skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, sledding, whatever. There IS a winter activity out there for you and finding one AND participating in it will definitely make the winter more enjoyable. I personally use photography in the winter as a way to get me outside for shots that I can only get during the winter.

I do though need to work on the whole "being active outside in the winter" thing, and I've been thinking about cross country skiing. I've done it before, but need some new equipment. Any tips are welcome and appreciated!

What's your favorite part of winter?
-xo, Rachel