Three Huge Trends from KBIS

Huge KBIS Trends 2016 - A Detailed Palette

Last week, I traveled to Las Vegas for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show - or KBIS for short. It's a tradeshow where designers and industry professionals gather to look at the latest designs and trends. Here are three of the major trends that I spotted while attending.

Colors/Tones: Copper, Rose Gold, and Brass

I spotted a lot of these colors and metallic shades, especially in the form of decor or accessories. I suppose this one wasn't too much of a surprise, but it was something I definitely appreciated while I was there.



Textured Walls

Whether it was wallpaper or a specialized booth installation, textured walls were everywhere and were absolutely beautiful. The coolest thing about this specific trend was that there was quite a lot of variety including geometric shapes and wood paneling.

Marble That's Not Actually Marble

I am so happy about this one! Firstly, real marble is beautiful, but not always practical for use in the home, especially in the kitchen where spills, stains, and etching is almost bound to happen. Instead of actual marble, I saw a lot of other materials, especially granite, that were designed to look like marble - and best of all, these were pulled off beautifully, basically combining the look of marble with the durability and practicality of other materials. 

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel