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Tips for Mixing Patterns

Tips for Mixing Patterns

Whether you're talking about fashion or interior design, mixing and matching patterns is some seriously trendy stuff. When done well, it stands out - something that every pattern whether polka dots or stripes, is meant to do. 

Consider Scale

Scale, or size of the pattern, is especially important for when we mix and match those throw pillows or accessories. Another way to think of it is how zoomed in or zoomed out the pattern is. It's best to avoid pairing two large scale patterns together - instead, mix small with large. For example, large scale stripes pair amazingly with small scale cheetah print. 

Rule of Threes

It doesn't have to apply, but I do think it tends to look absolutely amazing when it's done right. Pick two patterns (one small scale and one large scale) and one solid color to mix for a total of three different elements. This nearly always works and can be applied to many different outfits and home styles.

Don't Forget About Texture

Add textured details to make things more interesting, whether in addition to patterns or as part of the patterns themselves.

Some Of-the-Moment Patterns Right Now

Stripes: This classic pattern is everywhere right now, especially in combinations of navy and white and black and white. It's pairs nicely with so many styles and so many other patterns so it's easy to see why it's so huge right now.

Stripe Pattern - A Detailed Palette


Oversized Floral: Floral print is often seen as dainty or entirely feminine; oversized floral, on the other hand, is a more modern take, with bold looks and often deeper hues that evoke more drama in a room as opposed to more femininity. 

Oversized Florals from SFGIRLBAY - A Detailed Palette


Herringbone Pattern: This has been showing up a lot in flooring and backsplashes. Herringbone offers something just a little bit different and off the beaten path.

Herringbone pattern - A Detailed Palette


Brush Stroke Pattern: This pattern has been showing up more everywhere - including home decor items. I think this pattern particularly adds something unique in a room that is already polished and refined; it keeps a room (or perhaps even an outfit) from looking too perfect.

Brush Stroke Pattern by Jana Bek - A Detailed Palette


Floral Arrangements 101

Floral Arrangements 101

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