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Tips for Styling a TV Stand

As most of you know, I recently updated the apartment with a new TV stand - it has totally changed the feel of the place for the better. I am so happy with how it fits in the space. I also spent quite a bit of time styling the new piece of furniture so I thought I'd share some tips.

TV Stand Styling - A Detailed Palette

Tip 1: Less is More- you don't want anything so overwhelming or so stand-out that it takes your attention away from the actual TV. Stick to simple items, simple colors (oh heeeey neutrals!), and avoid having just a lot going on.

TV Stand Styling Tips - A Detailed Palette

Tip 2: Think in terms of Vignettes - Vignettes are considered to be little mini design stories within a space. Below is an example of such. They don't need to be incredible complicated or feature many decor pieces - in fact, the simpler, the better.

How to Style a TV Stand - A Detailed Palette

Tip 3: Keep It Useful - TVs aren't always considered the most stylish thing in a home - this is why adding decor to a TV stand is something that I highly recommend to give it a bit more style and life. Still, TVs serve a function - and you'll want to make sure that items on the TV stand reflect that function and help everything to run more smoothly.

Tip 4: Be Sure to Consider Wire Management - Whether you're buying a new TV stand or looking for ways to better style your own, wire management can make your life much easier. If your TV stand doesn't have grommet holes or any kind of wire management system, try styling decor pieces in such a way that wires are hidden. This can be a bit tricky, so it is often times easier to purchase a TV stand with built-in wire management systems that effectively allow you to not only keep unsightly cords hidden, but also helps to keep them organized.

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