Top Area Rug Picks

The time has come for a new rug. While I love the pattern of the area rug I currently have, it was probably a bit ambitious to pick an option that had white on it... even if it was just a little bit of white. While the material of the rug has held up well, the white part of the pattern just has not, what with a dog and people forgetting to take off their shoes (myself included).

I am currently looking for a new rug to replace the one I currently have. A few options have stood out among the rest, although I am still trying to narrow it down.

Jute Rug

I love the look of this rug and the lighter color, and I definitely feel like it could withstand dirt. That said, I am worried about the texture and how it would actually feel on bare feet. Reggie has also never been exposed to this material so I am not sure if he'd be good with it or not. Finally, I read some reviews saying that jute rugs shed a lot. So while I love the look of this rug, I am not ready to commit. Have any of you had a jute rug? If so, did you experience any of these issues?

Top Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

Navy Rug

While I think a dark navy could work, I am not sure if this color is right for the space as it is. That said, I love how this rug looks to have an almost knitted appearance, and I don't think Reggie would destroy it.

Top Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

I also really like the above rug in a gray color, but I am worried that the color is to light and that I again will have issues with the rug getting too dirty and constantly having to clean it.

Area Rug Picks - A Detailed Palette

Still undecided for the time being, but hoping to narrow it down soon. Have a great Monday!