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Top Mirrors - Round Up

So I admittedly have been quite behind posting here and not staying true to my update schedule at all. I am determined to be better about this overall. Even though it is technically off schedule, I wanted to share a much needed update that I am looking to add to the bedroom - a new mirror!

The one I currently have was $20 from Target, is not quite large enough to be floor length, and has definitely seen better days. The top portion is a bit warped and it's certainly not the sturdiest thing in the world. It's an overdue update - so that I can actually see my full outfit before heading into work.

A few of my absolute favorites mirrors are below.

One of the craziest thing about mirrors is the varying price points - I tried to round up a good variation of budget-friendly options and splurge options.

I ultimately decided I wanted a true floor length mirror, one that had clean lines, simple elegance, and one that came in gold in order to complement the rest of the bedroom. This is the mirror that made the final cut, due to the fact that it met all the aforementioned criteria and was totally affordable. While the first shipment did arrive damaged, Wayfair has the loveliest customer service team EVER, and they easily sent me another which I am eagerly awaiting. I can't wait to see how it looks in the space.



Ideally, this new mirror will go in the space below to the left of the dresser.

Mirror update - A Detailed Palette
Mirror Update - A Detailed Palette

I will be updating as soon as I get the mirror!
Have a great Thursday!
-xo, Rachel

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