Trip to Arizona

We went to Arizona back in May to visit my sister and brother-in-law. It was such a great trip, with just incredible weather - we chose the perfect time to visit. While we were there, we sadly didn't have the time to hike Camelback Mountain, but I have done so previously. It's a tough hike, but I encourage anyone visiting Phoenix to check it out. The view at the top is so worth the climb up - although the climb down was admittedly a bit scary. Definitely pack hiking shoes!

This time around, we visited a few of the shopping malls in Phoenix and then headed north to see Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell. You can read more details about both Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell.

Sedona was the first stop with its legendary red rocks. It's an adorable little city, definitely very touristy with shops everywhere. I attempted to capture the red rocks below.

Sedona AZ - Travel - A Detailed Palette
Sedona - Travel - A Detailed Palette

Even though I have seen the Grand Canyon in person before, it still blew my mind yet again. The canyon is just so large and so beyond comprehension that it almost looks fake. My pictures will probably never do it justice, but I wanted to share them anyway. 

Grand Canyon - A Detailed Palette
Grand Canyon AZ - A Detailed Palette

Have a great rest of your Thursday!
-xo, Rachel