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Travel: Trip to Castle Rock Lake, WI

Travel: Trip to Castle Rock Lake, WI

While Castle Rock Lake definitely sounds like a fictional setting in Westeros/Game of Thrones, it's actually a real location in Wisconsin. Thankfully. Even though I love the whole Game of Thrones series and enjoy watching the show, I think Westeros is the last fictional universe I'd ever want to visit.

To get us back on track... I actually stayed at Castle Rock Lake with my family a few weeks ago. My sister and brother-in-law were back from out of state for other family events so we decided to make a long weekend of it.

I'd actually never been to this area of Wisconsin before - I always love discovering hidden gems in my home state. The lake itself is quite large and really beautiful. The surrounding areas have definitely been developed with tourists in mind. Ultimately, though, nature's beauty steals the show... just look at that sunset!

Travel: Castle Rock Lake, WI - A Detailed Palette

We stayed in a large cabin right by the lake. Of course, with our rather large family, we were all packed in, but it was overall a really great time. The lake itself is really large - we took a pontoon ride and my nieces and nephews spent hours swimming and jumping on the lake trampoline. I only wish I would have taken more photos, but with my camera lens still being out of commision, the iPhone photo of a sunset will have to do for now. I still thought it was worth sharing - such a cool spot, right here in WI.

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