Trip to Lake Powell

Trip to Lake Powell, AZ - A Detailed Palette Travels

Back in May, I had the chance to visit Lake Powell. Lake Powell is one of those interesting places that actually spans two states - Utah and Arizona. We drove up from Page, AZ (which isn't a far drive at all) and stayed there to give us enough time to explore. The lake is man-made and full of beautiful juxtaposition, with sandy, desert-like canyons filled with deep blue water. It actually serves as a water reservior. 

The lake is incredibly large with many different landmarks, including the Tapestry Wall, pictured below. If you look closely, you should be able to see certain animals in the patterns on the walls. Apparently the most commonly viewed animal for the wall below is a dragon, but I have to admit that I actually just see a lot of eagles.

Lake Powell - A Detailed Palette
Lake Powell Trip - A Detailed Palette - Travel Destinations

We also saw another famous landmark - Castle Rock - which of course reminded me of Game of Thrones.

Lake Powell - Castle Rock - Traveling - A Detailed Palette

We took a boat tour through a portion on the lake - at some points it was quite narrow, but it really was incredibly beautiful.

Lake Powell - A Detailed Palette

Lake Powell is a huge tourist attraction - something I totally understand after spending a few hours out on the lake.