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An Update on My Capsule Wardrobe Experience

An Update on My Capsule Wardrobe Experience

An Update on My Capsule Wardrobe via A Detailed Palette

In effort to simplify and not spend so much on clothes, I tried to create a capsule wardrobe. I really wanted to have better grasp on my own personal style and what I feel flatters me (rather than just go with the trends of the day), and I wanted to just make things simpler. I spent a lot of time picking out clothes in the morning and just shopping for clothes, and I was over both.

So I came acroos the idea of a capsule wardrobe and went with it.

It Minimized My Clothes Mess 

I am generally a very neat person. I have past roommates and a boyfriend who can all confirm this. My biggest source of mess, though, is the fact that I normally try on at least two outfits, if not more, before going anywhere and by the time I am done deciding, I don’t have time to put the clothes back… so on the floor they go! My past roommates and my boyfriend can also confirm this. I feel like this is actually a very common problem. Well, as an unintended benefit, this mess disappeared when I had the capsule wardrobe in place. I had it so simplified that I almost always knew what I was going to wear the night before so there was no frantic searching or outfit-changing.

It Confirmed & Prioritized What I Wanted

Sometimes, you buy in the spur of the moment without thinking about other items that would better fit gaps in our wardrobe. We’ve all been there; a shirt that looks so cute on the rack that, even though you don’t even have time to try it on, you buy anyway. Before I started the capsule wardrobe, I really wanted scallop shorts, a new white blazer, new black pants, and new black flats. I found myself constantly wishing for the last two as I’d put together outfits. I knew they’d work with all of the pieces and that they could replace some pieces that were no longer looking their best. So after the month experiment, I got new black flats and new black pants without a moment of guilt or hesitation. Maybe the white blazer and scalloped shorts will come later, but I am not too worried about either purchase at the moment.

It Streamlined Everything

I had to put some time in picking pieces right away, but after that, it really helped to just make everything go faster as pretty much everything in the capsule wardrobe matched. It also made layering a lot easier. I could also just more easily plan in my mind what I was going to wear as there simply weren’t a ton of overwhelming options.

It’s Helping Me Downsize

I’m actually now getting rid of a lot of the clothes that I don’t wear that are currently just taking up space in my closet for no reason.

It's Helping My Personal Style

Or so I at least hope to think. I actually had a few items in the capsule that I removed from it because I didn’t feel comfortable in it. I seemed to gravitate toward certain colors, button-ups, and shirts that were easier to layer. I am taking this into account, hoping that this process will help that personal style process that I mentioned earlier.

All that said, I am now trying a brand new capsule wardrobe for summer.

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