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Weekending: Favorite Shows to Stream

Weekending: Favorite Shows to Stream

IT'S FRIDAY!  If you couldn't tell, I am quite excited about that fact, and I am getting ready for full on "weekending". For me, this now consists of having time to read, blog, write, bake, run errands, knit/sew, and workout - and, of course, some good old Netflix/Prime binging. So, just in case your looking for a few Netflix/Amazon Prime recommendations, whether chill or adventurous, here are a few.

Favorite Shows to Stream Right Now - A Detailed Palette

The Great British Baking Show on Netflix

My friend Nick told me about this one saying that it was just "so British" and that I would love it. Well, he was right. With quotes like "You three need to be on it like a Jane Austen bonnet", how can anyone NOT like this show? It's essentially the most polite, most British reality TV show to ever exist where lovely people make lovely baking creations in a sun-drenched tent (seriously cannot be filmed in England... unless it's done very strategically) with lively hosts who just make pun after pun. Seriously weekend worthy.

Orphan Black on Amazon Prime

Dramatic, highly intense, human cloning - what more could you want? There are two seasons of this available and it is SO good. While I am STILL waiting for the third to come out (seriously, prime get your sh*t together), the first two seasons are incredible. Equal parts thriller and sci-fi without getting too far away from character development.

Mozart and the Jungle on Amazon Prime

This show is lighthearted, fun, romantic, and heavy on the music. There are also two seasons of this, and it's pretty entertaining. I am okay with classical music so i think that helps. It's basically about the inner workings of the New York Symphony Orchestra - a fictional account that is. The Maestro really makes this show - plus every time he says Haylee, which he pronounces HEY LAY is just perfect.

North and South on Netflix

Because I obviously have to have at least one period piece on this recommendation list. It's an amazing miniseries that takes place in England during the very beginning of the industry shift from aristocracy to trade. It's an incredible look at a changing world through the eyes of Margaret Hale. Ultimately a love story of sorts, it's also a coming of age story as well as a societal one. So good!

Broadchurch on Netflix

Honestly one of the most memorable and heartbreaking TV shows I have ever watched. Even though I'd literally watch ANYTHING with David Tenant in it, both seasons 1 & 2 are absolutely amazing. Great acting - and for Doctor Who fans, the actor who plays Rory is in I mean, you just have to watch it.

Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix

Speaking of David Tennant... I am usually not one for comic adaptations, but I actually really liked this first season. I think it was because Kristen Ritter was born to play the role of Jessica Jones, who is basically a really mean and really strong Nancy Drew. Seriously. There's a part at the very end where she smiles, and it is the WEIRDEST thing to see. I do have to say though that, for me, Trish Walker and Killgrave both stole the show. I absolutely adored Trish and hated Killgrave - even while loving David Tennant himself. If you do watch it, I do have to point out something HUGE: whenever Kristen Ritter has sunglasses on, she looks exactly like Michael Jackson... you're welcome.

Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend with your family/friends/pets!
-xo, Rachel


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