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Weekly Favorites Vol.1

Weekly Favorites Vol.1

I knew that I wanted a poncho before I kicked off my wardrobe capsule. I figured it would be the perfect sweater for lounging about the house and that I could even wear it to work for casual Fridays. I do find ponchos to be tricky to shop for though, as most of them just look much too large to the point where I feel like I am just wearing a bag. I found the one below at TJ Maxx. While oversized, it's thankfully not to the bag-like point as I mentioned above. Ever since I have gotten it, I have found myself basically living in it.

TJ Maxx Poncho - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

The TJ Maxx Knitted Poncho isn't too boxy, as it as you can see below, and it is so comfortable and cozy, making it perfect for a brisk fall day.

TJ Maxx Poncho - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

I have also been loving this new J Crew Pale Pink Cable Knit Sweater. It's essentially my "dream sweater" with cable knit design and a soft blush pink that doesn't wash me out. It was 40% off so I snatched it up right before my fall wardrobe capsule kicked in. Now that I am attempting to dress with my limited capsule, this is one piece that really stands out as a favorite. It pairs so beautifully with so many different colors and styles.

J Crew Blush Pink Sweater - Favorites - A Detailed Palette

Colectivo Spiced Hot Apple Cider: Unfortunately, this one is limited to those who are in Milwaukee and Madison, but I am convinced that there is no better Spiced Apple Cider out there. It is SO GOOD. It's also seasonal, so there's no time like the present if you want some for yourself.

Passion Planner: I had one of these last year, due to winning an Instagram giveaway. For 2016, I went with another brand planner, but I found myself really missing the Passion Planner. I actually can't wait for 2017 to officially be here so that I can start using the passion planner once again.

Gray Walls + White Trim + Wainscoting + Wood Floors: When I have an actual house of my own, this is what I am going for. You just can't beat this starting point (ignore the rest of the decor below, focus on walls, ceilings, and floors). There are so many decorating possibilities with elegant and tranquil starting point like this.



Wainscoting is a pretty traditional design element, but I love how it adds just such a polished, put together touch to any space. It's also a feature that can blend in well with more modern designs which is exactly how I'd use it in a home.

Have a great weekend!
-xo, Rachel

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