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West Elm Milwaukee's Pop Up Shop

West Elm Milwaukee's Pop Up Shop

West Elm Pop Up Shop - A Detailed Palette

Over the weekend, my friend Kate and I checked out the local makers and crafters at West Elm in Milwaukee. It's all part of their Local Makers program, which actually supports the whole "community over competition" idea. Instead of competing with local makers, West Elm partners with them, holding pop up shops like the one this weekend and also selling the locally made goods right in the store. It's such a cool idea for a brand, and it's how I discovered one of my favorite local makers, Be TImeless - which can be found at @ShopBeTimeless on Instagram. The small WI throw pillow, which is in many of my photos, is from the collaboration with West Elm and Be Timeless.

I discovered a few new makers who offered home decor items worth mentioning just in case you yourself are interested in shopping small. Even if not, it's always inspiring to see creative people doing their thing.


So many cool paintings and prints - which of course was right up my alley due to the fact that I am looking for fun, unique pieces of art to help build out the gallery wall behind the TV I am happy to say that I found one print that I just thought was so incredibly cool.  She definitely has a really great talent - her large floral paintings  are just so incredible! You can see the print I selected below.

AmyMarcella Print

Cracked Designs

Another local maker who stood out to me was Cracked Designs. They have some really adorable Milwaukee/Wisconsin prints, cards, and T-shirts. The print especially were creative and perfect for anyone who loves/lives in Milwaukee or just Wisconsin in general.

And because west elm, too, offers some really amazing decor items, I also picked up this new storage box. A new favorite for sure.

West Elm pop up shop - A Detailed Palette

Have a great Monday!
-xo, Rachel

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