What's on My Wishlist

This list isn't specific to the holidays - more just a general collection of everything I'm loving right now and wishing to add to my life for a variety of reasons.


I found out that I'll be traveling for work in both January and February, so I definitely need to invest in a nice carry-on bag. Good luggage seems to be tough to find, and I am left wondering if the two options above will have enough space for everything that I'll need. That said, I love the looks of both carry-on bags. 

The shoes, too, are mostly for work outfits - although the lace up ballet flats are just something that I've had my eye on for a long time now.

I'd like to expand my calligraphy skills and get this new kit, along with a cupcake decorating kit because I mean, doesn't everyone need a cupcake decorating kit? Maybe one day!

Hope you have an amazing Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel