8 Reasons Why Your Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

It can be very annoying if the boiler stops working all of a sudden and the pilot light keeps on turning off. You try fixing it by yourself, and it works for a while, then shuts off again and again. It can be very tiring to constantly improve it, especially if it stops working in the middle of the night. However, before you panic and ask for a new boiler, you must first understand why your pilot light keeps going out. You might be surprised that the reason for your problems might not be about you or the other people around you.

By the time you finished reading this article, you would soon find out why it always happens and what can be done about it. This article will educate you on everything you need to know about pilot lights going out constantly.

As mentioned above, there are several reasons why your pilot light keeps on going out. Knowing the actual causes of why it happens can help you determine which type of troubleshooting or other solutions to fix the problem. Remember that if you cannot fix them yourself, always consult a specialist who knows how to fix these problems quickly.

Your Thermocouple is Faulty

This is one of the primary reasons why your pilot light keeps going out. The thermocouple is also known as the flame sensor, and it is a safety mechanism that is tasked with shutting the gas if the pilot goes out. Your thermocouple should be functioning correctly. If left neglected, it will cause the gas to enter your house and lead to more dangerous situations, such as fires and explosions.

The thermocouple usually fails because it is either dirty, broken, or not lined up correctly. If your thermocouple is filled with soot, it would undoubtedly impact the overall performance of your boiler. Thus, your pilot light keeps on going off. 

You can contact a professional to fix your thermocouple problems if you are not confident doing it yourself. Consulting a professional who can fix it as soon as possible helps you save your house and your life from further disasters caused by faulty thermocouples.


Your Gas Regulator Has Gone Bad

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Another reason might be your gas regulator. For example, suppose your boiler does not get enough gas for it to function. In that case, it will ultimately cause the pilot light to go off and affect its overall performance. Not only that, but your faulty gas regulator will also affect other appliances in your house that use gas as their source of energy. These include your stove, your dryer, and your furnace.

Contact a professional who can solve this problem as soon as possible to avoid any complications or disastrous results.

Your Pilot Orifice is Filthy

Your thermocouple might not be reached by the flames if the pilot orifice is too dirty to function correctly. For this case, you must disassemble the entire pilot to clean it properly. Then, you can use either a needle or compressed air to clean the pilot orifice. After that, you can assemble it back and test if it works this time.

Always keep your pilot orifice clean, and check it every now and then if it requires cleaning of some sort. However, if you are not confident with your skills, some professionals can help you with these clean-up issues. They are usually just a phone call away, and they can address your concerns as soon as possible.

A Strong Draft Blows it Out.

A strong draft might also be the culprit for your pilot light going off incessantly, especially in the nighttime. Being a natural occurrence, especially during windy days or when you have storms nearby. This is usually caused by a leak that can be found at the output duct of your boiler. Making an ample entrance where the wind enters and knocks the light out of your pilot light.

To prevent this from happening, ensure that every air passageways in your house are transparent and open to avoid drafts entering the system and cause its lights to go off unexpectedly.

You're Experiencing Natural Gas Fluctuations

This usually happens when your gas grid receives a lesser supply than the usual. Your boiler is sensitive to gas peaks. The slightest irregularity can enable your boiler pilot lights to go off unexpectedly. This happens in the winter months, where everyone uses their boiler to keep themselves warm inside their homes.

Ask your neighbours if they also experience the same problems. Otherwise, contact your energy company to make sure that you are not the one experiencing this. They can recommend a house visit to check your system or notify you that the gas grid receives a lesser supply than usual.

Check The Colour of Your Pilot Light

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The pilot light going off constantly is a problem in itself, but you should also check the colour of your pilot light. If it gives out a yellow or orange light instead of the usual blue, call a professional company immediately, as it can be a sign of a severe problem for your boiler. You must act on it immediately to avoid any accidents or serious injuries you and your family might experience if you neglect to check your pilot lights thoroughly.

Our Takeaway

The pilot light keeps going out for several reasons, such as dirty orifices, faulty boilers, and other factors. Usually, you can take care of these immediately if you have the right skills and knowledge. It doesn’t take that much effort, aside from disassembling the pilot for cleaning the orifice. However, if you are not confident with your skills, feel free to call a professional company to address the problems.

They have all the skills, knowledge, and experience in dealing with these problems to ensure the safety and security of your family. However, never leave it unattended, or you might suffer bitter consequences such as explosions, accidents, and other injuries. Do not endanger your life and your property the moment you see this happening.

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