cob house building

What is a cob house?

What is a cob house? Welcome. Today we will learn about a cobb house or a Clom house (Welsh). This is a natural building material that has been here for years, spanning many places, continents and time periods. Cob is a natural building material that is made from soil or clay, straw and water. It can also have some lime …

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toots zynsky

Our Design Picks | We are Elsewhere

Welcome to We are elsewhere. Now devolved it used to highlight those in the art and design world that were sometimes under recognised and appreciated. We are going to feature some of the articles and shed some light on this great company and then ethos they brought into the world.  We are Elseware From galleries, to studios and commissions this …

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rustic furniture

How to make furniture look rustic? Ever wondered about rustic furniture? Well, what is it? And importantly how can you replicate this at home? Well. We have the answers for you. In this guide we will learn how to make rustic furniture and how to make furniture look rustic and more.  How to make rustic furniture Rustic hints at something that is perhaps lacking in …

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baby gift box

Velvet living london

Sometimes, if you are planning a party it can be overwhelming to get all of the right pieces for the special day. Especially if it is a baby shower – You need everything to be perfect for the occasion. Many people go to an interior designer for help on this. But what you really need is a party planner, and …

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Everything you should know about the distressed furniture look

Styles come and go, trends fade in and out over time. The distressed furniture look is a literal timeless classic in terms of furniture aesthetics. The distressed look has been around since wood furniture was a thing. Naturally, this look can be achieved by having your wooden furniture for an extensive period of time. Or, if you don’t have an …

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