cob house building

What is a cob house?

What is a cob house? Welcome. Today we will learn about a cobb house or a Clom house (Welsh). This is a natural building material that has been here for years, spanning many places, continents and time periods. Cob is a natural building material that is made from soil or clay, straw and water. It can also have some lime …

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toots zynsky

Our Design Picks | We are Elsewhere

Welcome to We are elsewhere. Now devolved it used to highlight those in the art and design world that were sometimes under recognised and appreciated. We are going to feature some of the articles and shed some light on this great company and then ethos they brought into the world.  We are Elseware From galleries, to studios and commissions this …

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lindsey hene interior

Since its inception in 2009, clients have sought out Lindsey Hene Interiors for refreshing, gracious design. The designer’s signature ability to grasp the unique style of each client and create liveable elegant interiors sets Hene apart along with her ability to balance colour, texture and bold embrace of pattern. The result is refined interiors, rich in character with a touch …

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house on a table

‘House on a table’ by soojin hyun

Ever wanted a mini home? Check out the house on the table design which was designed by soojin hyun who is a Korean designer. Based in the united states of america, and studied in eindhoven germany, this eclectic mix of places comes out in Hyun’s work. This house on a table design was designed for Milan’s design week. Check out …

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meister burger

What does Meister mean?

What does Meister mean? Let us find out what does meister mean as well as some interesting facts about some famous meisters of all walks of life. Meister translation Meister German to English directly translates to ‘master’ or ‘meistro’. Meister in English is pronounced ‘mey-ster’ this is the meister pronounciation. Meister Synonym This would be maestro or perhaps expert or …

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baby gift box

Velvet living london

Sometimes, if you are planning a party it can be overwhelming to get all of the right pieces for the special day. Especially if it is a baby shower – You need everything to be perfect for the occasion. Many people go to an interior designer for help on this. But what you really need is a party planner, and …

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How to sell furniture online?

How to sell furniture? Wondering how to sell furniture online? We will show you how to sell your furniture at the best price, and even get more than your paid for it yourself in the first place! How to sell furniture online? Selling furniture online in incredibly easy, and there are a range of platforms in which to do so. …

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optimize storage

How To Optimize Storage In A Walk In Closet?

Some people think a walk in wardrobe is essential. It certainly beats a wardrobe closet, where you can hardly see what is in it, and things get crammed to the back. The only issue though is that , with all of this space, naturally you will accumulate things, which will make even the biggest walk in wardrobe look small. Find …

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