How to sell furniture online?

How to sell furniture? Wondering how to sell furniture online? We will show you how to sell your furniture at the best price, and even get more than your paid for it yourself in the first place! How to sell furniture online? Selling furniture online in incredibly easy, and there are a range of platforms in which to do so. …

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optimize storage

How To Optimize Storage In A Walk In Closet?

Some people think a walk in wardrobe is essential. It certainly beats a wardrobe closet, where you can hardly see what is in it, and things get crammed to the back. The only issue though is that , with all of this space, naturally you will accumulate things, which will make even the biggest walk in wardrobe look small. Find …

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70s wallpaper

How To Measure For  Wallpaper | Useful Wallpaper FAQ’s

Let’s start with the basics What Is Wallpaper? The clue is in the name. Paper that goes on walls. Usually used as a form of decoration, and to add vibrancy to a homestead. Today we will learn facts, tips and techniques and traditional wallpaper methods that are still used today. History Of Wallpaper Believe it or not, 4000BC is when …

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tv cord

How To Hide TV Cords

Hiding TV cords can be a pain, especially if you have a minimalist apartment and approach to design. Those pesky cords will get in the way of your apartment looking chic and stylish. But not for much longer. I have a couple of ways to hide these cords and make your space look as clean and elegant as possible. Cut …

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Apartment Transformations Bedroom

You know how in mystery novels or maybe even dramatic-thriller type movies, there’s that often repeated line of “things aren’t always as they seem”? Of course, that isn’t the only variation that’s used, but I think it’s been done quite a lot throughout the years. That’s honestly how I feel about the internet sometimes. I am not writing anything new, …

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blog title

General Decorating Tips

Decorating or maybe even interior styling seems to be something that can be kind of tricky for some people. I have gotten a few questions about it on Instagram so I thought I’d share a few general tips that I think most people can apply to their space, no matter the style or the square footage. Embrace the Decorative Editing …

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How I styled my Desk Banner image

How I styled my desk

Home office setup ideas I believe that we often underestimate how much of an impact styling, organization, and design can have on how we behave in certain environments. A really good example of how design can drive behavior is the way a grocery store is designed and organized; it’s literally organized in a way to drive sales and make you …

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Office Plants and Succulents: Our Portfolio

Our client wanted some low maintenance plants for the office. This would be used to improve air quality and ones that required little to no natural light. We found the perfect solution for our client. We worked with a Digital Marketing company in Manchester to help them freshen up their office space. And what is fresher than plants? Providing free …

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