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Oxititan Rememdiation!

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The defective drywall must be removed and properly discarded. In the process of removing wall boards please note that the Ceiling boards may not need to be replaced, if the boards are 5/8 inch thickness.
Although some building codes required contractors to hang the 5/8 board most did not. And for that reason it is best to know the size board used in the ceiling construction. Note: The CPSC has always said that the issue of defective drywall pertains to the 1/2 inch boards, not the 5/8 boards; Not sure of their reasoning. However it is a saving grace when it comes to doing a total remediation.
The CPSC revised Interim guidance on a remediation process for homes affected by reactive drywall are not nearly as servere as previously recommededed.
Chinese drywall remediation is the process of removing the defective drywall from the home and replacing it with domestic drywall. In order to remediate Chinese drywall, the first step is to remove the defective drywall. Prior to that, it is easy to understand the other tasks that will be needed to complete in order to accomplish this task.

Cabinets must be removed also. Removing Chinese drywall reveals behind the wall mechanicals.

This is also known as Knauf Drywall.
It is recommended duct cleaning be an intergal part of the process. There are a few good duct cleaning companies around that will do an excellant job. Replacement of the HVAC equipment is a must since that is what is effected the most.
Most new homes were built with PVC plumbing, which is not affected by defective drywall, however the copper tails that come out of the water heater need to be replaced. The most significant controversy as it applies to Chinese drywall remediation involves the electrical wiring.
Without a doubt, copper is dramatically affected by the gases produced by defective drywall, however the CPSC now concludes that the basic electrical wiring can stay. It will need to be cleaned and the blackish coating removed. Electrical sockets also need to be replaced with new ones. Most important are the ground wires that take the brunt of Hs2 and display the most corrossion. Cleaning as much of the copper ground wires will sufice.

Only the areas where the insulation has been removed – where the wiring ties into outlets, switches, the panel box, etc – would need to be repaired. These repairs could involves simply cutting off the corroded ends and re-terminating the wiring or cleaning the ends of their corrosion. Theoretically, the remainder of the wiring is protected by the insulation and was not exposed to the corrosive gases.