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How difficult is it to move a boiler

There can be a lot of reasons for wanting to relocate your boiler.

Maybe it is taking up a lot of space in the kitchen or is located in the bedroom and keeps making too much noise every night, which makes it unable for you to sleep properly. Or maybe you simply decided to switch from the conventional boiler to the combi and would like to change the boiler’s current position. Whatever the reason may be, moving it is definitely doable, but still, how difficult is it to move a boiler? That is exactly what we will be talking about in this article while providing you with all the necessary information you need to keep in mind.


How Difficult Is It To Move A Boiler?

We asked Ben Race a heating engineer from Newcastle the question above to try and get a more detailed understanding. In short as a rule of thumb, it depends on the new position for the boiler, how long it may take as well as how much it can cost.


The Best Place For Putting The Boiler

Before you make a decision regarding where you want to put your boiler in your current home or your custom built home, you have to think carefully; first, you need to consider practicality. After all, moving the boiler is an important task and after finally moving it, you should be well-contented with its new position. For example, how easy is it going to be to access the boiler in case you want to repressurize it? Can the engineer get to it with ease? Take into consideration whether or not it will be practical to install a boiler in your preferred place. For instance, carpet can be hassle-free to take up in order to lay pipework for your new boiler, but in case you have concrete or tiled flooring, pipes may require to be run through the wall or ceiling. This can create a lot of mess and cost too much as well.

Secondly, there are certain boiler flue regulations you should consider if you want to move the boiler to another room. According to the regulations, gas condensing boilers require to be positioned a specific distance away from windows and doors. This is the requirement because of a minimum flue clearance distance stating that flue requires to be no less than 1,200 millimeters away from the opening door or window. Also, access to the waste pipe is needed for the boiler, which makes the utility room or bathroom quite a convenient location. However, remember that the larger the distance is between a waste pipe and a boiler, the more pipes are required to connect the two, which can increase the cost.


How Much Does Moving A Boiler Cost?

There are various costs which are associated with moving the boiler, and the figures provided can be impacted by some additional factors that we did not take into consideration. Each home is different and some relocations can be easier than others. So the figures provided in this article are only an estimate.

First, depending on the type, choosing a new boiler can cost from $846 to $2,419. Some other products you may need to purchase for relocation include:


Additionally, there will be a cost of running a condensate pipe from a combi boiler to the waste pipe as well as a cost of making the new hole for a flue. You can consider all these as labor costs only. When you want to replace a boiler with another one in a new location, the total cost can be around $3,205. However, even this may change as it depends on product prices, the difficulty of a relocation, as well as unexpected complications. Keep in mind that the cost may increase when you want to switch from one kind of system to another one. For instance, if you have decided to switch from the conventional system to the combi, it might cost approximately $3,629.


How Long Does Moving A Boiler Take?

We asked PlumbGuardian this and the next two questions, having had years of experience as plumbers & heating engineers in Middlesbrough it would be wise to get some insight. Once the boiler is moved, pipework also requires to be moved, which can add more cost to a job. It may also demand some extra time as well as additional labor. Usually, moving a new boiler to another location takes one-two days. However, if any complications arise, it can take longer than that.


Can You Put The Boiler In A Loft?

A lot of people opt for moving the boiler into the loft. If you also plan to do the same, keep in mind that you will have to alter a loft space to accommodate a boiler. This may include boarding out a loft, fitting a boiler with frost protection, making sure that a wall can hold the boiler’s weight, and ensuring that you have the loft ladder installed. Also, remember that when the boiler is situated in a loft, it usually takes quite a long time until hot water reaches the downstairs taps, which may result in wasted energy and water. After moving the boiler, you should fit the carbon monoxide alarm. Additionally, pay attention to the pressure of the newly located boiler. It may take some time until a system settles into its new position. In the first days, it may require repressurising as well.


Some Considerations For Moving The Boiler

  • If you want to install the boiler in the attic, you may need scaffolding
  • Attic installations come with safety regulations as well: Must have the walkway, be easily accessible and well-lit
  • A boiler in the garage or outhouse will require frost protection as well as insulated pipes for protecting it in cold weather
  • If you install the boiler near the drain, it will require a waste pipe
  • Floorboards and carpets may be required to be lifted and relaid

How About Actual Relocation?

“We’ve transported quite a few boilers, to be honest,” comments Ryan Banks from Fantastic Services. “It’s not much different then other fragile cargo”, the expert adds.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the difficulty of moving the boiler to a completely new location depends on a variety of factors. Before choosing its new location, make sure to take all these factors into consideration so that you won’t have any regrets after moving it and will be happy with its brand new location.