tv cord

How To Hide TV Cords

Hiding TV cords can be a pain, especially if you have a minimalist apartment and approach to design. Those pesky cords will get in the way of your apartment looking chic and stylish. But not for much longer. I have a couple of ways to hide these cords and make your space look as clean and elegant as possible.


Cut a PVC tube in a spiral – this will act as a binding or wire wrap for your cables. You can get the right colour to match your space. This will organise your cables and put them all together so you only have to worry about the one wire. Saves things from getting lost or going missing.

These are also paintable and mounts onto the wall flat so it isn’t bulky and can hide a lot of cables. You can easily buy these, or make them yourself if you have any PVC lying around. Bend it to any shape you want with a heat gun and see the benefits. Check out this video for more ideas and info!

Another method is to create a box for the wires, or build it into the wall. This mostly only works if your house is not yet complete or you are getting it redecorated but simply placing the unwanted cables away from view in a handy storage container can work wonders. 

We did this in one of our Interior redesign projects  You can also get stylish storage containers to further style your living space. You could also build a box out of wood or any other material you have lying around. Paint it a funky pattern, or a neutral color that fits in with your style.

There are many ways to tidy up cables and make your apartment or house look more clean, and hopefully this has given you a few ideas of how to get started.