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Louisiana Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall in Louisiana

Louisiana Chinese drywall is the second most prevalent of all affected states.  As of the middle of December 2009, 415 homeowners had reported symptoms associated with Chinese drywall in Louisiana.  These symptoms include corrosion and a smell of rotten eggs.  Further, Chinese drywall in Louisiana has been linked in several reports to adverse health effects.  The symptoms of Chinese drywall in Louisiana have been very evident because of the heat and humidity typical in Louisiana.  Heat and humidity have been identified as factors that contribute significantly to the level of gasses that are emitted from Chinese drywall in Louisiana.

Louisiana Chinese drywall cases are exacerbated by the hurricanes of 2005 and 2008.  The country’s building supplies, taxed by a nationwide construction boom, were exhausted by the increased demand that came as a result of the hurricane that impacted Louisiana.  In order to maintain a supply of drywall in the face of the increased demand, suppliers turned to importing from China and other countries.  Chinese drywall in Louisiana produces a gas that creates a corrosive environment within a home.  As a result, appliances, electronics, and A/C systems have been failing prematurely.

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The stigma associated with Louisiana Chinese drywall is not only affecting homes that are confirmed to have Chinese drywall, but also homes that are in the same neighborhood or built by the same builder.  The stigma of Chinese drywall in Louisiana is preventing many home owners from selling their homes because potential buyers are nervous that the home may contain Chinese drywall.  For example, if one home in a neighborhood is confirmed to contain Chinese drywall in Louisiana, the other homes in the neighborhood are subject to the Chinese drywall stigma.  The resulting fear causes potential buyers to avoid those neighborhoods altogether.  Similarly, homes built by builders who have acknowledged using Chinese drywall in some homes are subject to the same stigma.

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In addition, insurance companies have responded by canceling and not renewing policies for homes that are related to Chinese drywall in Louisiana.  Similar to potential buyers, homeowners insurance companies are not renewing policies on homes in a neighborhood that contains an affected home as well as homes built by companies that have acknowledged the use of Chinese drywall in Louisiana.  These insurance companies are citing the greatly increased risk of house fires related to corroded electrical systems as the reason for dropping the policies on these homes.  The result is higher premiums and increased difficulty obtaining homeowners insurance.  This area already has some of the highest premiums in the country.

Exhaustive, comprehensive testing is necessitated for Chinese drywall in Louisiana.  Many homes were repaired after the hurricanes of 2005 and 2008.  These homes typically contain much of the original drywall as well as Chinese drywall.   This situation is somewhat unique to Louisiana Chinese drywall.  Huge numbers of buildings were repaired after the hurricanes and Chinese drywall was used during these repairs.  This adds to the stigma associated with Chinese drywall in Louisiana.  Potential buyers and insurers have reason to suspect that any building that was damaged during one of the hurricanes, and many were damaged, could contain Chinese drywall.

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The comprehensive testing offered by Certified Chinese Drywall Testing is the only way to ensure that a home does not contain Chinese drywall in Louisiana.  We test every sheet of drywall in a home using two separate technologies that are identified by the Consumer Products safety commission.  Read more about our testing protocol here.

If a home tests negative for Chinese drywall, Certified Chinese Drywall Testing’s results can be used to secure an insurance policy that protects current and future owners against any liability associated with Chinese drywall.  The peace of mind provided by this insurance allows the home to be bought and sold more easily.  In addition, this rider insurance policy allows homeowners to obtain typical homeowner’s insurance policies.  Certified Chinese Drywall Testing is the only company with an insurable testing protocol.

The average Chinese drywall test in Louisiana costs $1,500.  Larger homes will have a slightly higher cost.  In addition, group/bulk discounts are available.  Contact us for a free estimate for your Louisiana Chinese drywall inspection.

The cities most affected by Louisiana Chinese Drywall are

  • New Orleans
  • Baton Rouge
  • Lake Charles
  • Virginia