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Our client was diligently working to make their apartment feel more like a home. As we know, ‘home’ is an ever evolving thing. We worked with the client to find a solution that was right for them. Her love of muted tones shone through; particularly greys and golds. We had to deal with some incredibly awkward windows and we added in some full length curtains – which made the room look taller.

Vicky wanted modern Georgian interior design. Tall ceilings and wood panelling with a modern element. We added wood panelling painted a cold sage colour. This colour scheme with the white ceilings and door frames gives it a Georgian aesthetic, whilst looking modern with the right furniture choices. 


"This bedroom really mirrors the colour palette that I was thinking of, but I worked with A Detailed Palette to make it a much more restful space - this means a much more limited/minimal approach when it comes to decor."
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Vicky Ratburn

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