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Recycled Retro Chair

Chic elegance on a budget.

Before we started working with furniture within our business – it was still at the forefront of our employee’s minds. We love to browse Pinterest for the latest trends and fads. This is why everyone in our office was buzzing when this client came along.

 Meet James – a librarian who likes to entertain party guests on a weekly basis. He came to us wanting a dining room revamp. While he knew what designs he liked, he never really thought about the design journey that got these styles to the well-known statement pieces that they are today.

We felt it our mission to work with James and learn more ourselves about what makes an iconic design and timeless appeal.

One such design is the Wishbone Chair. As it is incredibly popular and iconic, the chances are high that you’ve seen it around in publications, online, and on social media. It features the “wishbone”-like back – hence its name. 

The chair itself is considered a classic example of Danish mid-century modern design. It’s a really graceful design. There are many imitations of the Wishbone Chair, as there are for most iconic designs so as to offer a range of price points. After all, a true Wishbone Chair can be a bit pricey. Which is why we used all recycled materials for this new look chair.

"The wishbone chair makes for a wonderful dining room chair. While often shown in an office setting, I do think that ergonomic (or adjustable) chairs are best if you're going to be sitting for extended periods of time. I love my new set of these chairs for my dining room space. Even better because they are eco-friendly!"
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James Bournville

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