Top 5 Favourite Entryway Rugs

Our Choices:

Rugs have been around for about the same amount of time that humans have. Firstly originating with animal skins and hides, the art then moved on to crudely woven reeds and other plant material. Then we get the more conventional methods that we still use to this day, including wool and weaving.

So, it’s time to pick my top 5 favourite entryway rugs. Have you ever walked in a house and thought it was a bit lacking as you opened the door? These rugs will give that pop of colour, or the neutral base to tie a room together.

oriental vintage carpet

1. Oriental Rugs

The colours in this rug are amazing as well as the pattern. Having this on a plain wall staircase landing would be the best bet, but these types of rug also fit in if you have a more colourful living space. As long as the colour matches a house colour scheme that has already been established. Check out this article for more info on this cultural phenomenon.
Russian Rug

2. Russian rug.

The beautiful colours in this shop window are inspiring. It would be perfect in a house with beautiful natural light.
Abstract Rug

3. Abstract rug

This abstract rug might remind you of the 60s but it is very stylish and would look perfect in a minimalist home. The colours and shapes are very original and guests are always going to remember it!
Armenian Rug

4. Armenian Rug

This classy number will be the talk of your next house party. Want something original and unique, at a good price? This Armenian rug would set you back only £200. We love a bargain.

5. White Rug

Pure and simple. Elegant and chic. What more could you want than this classic. Great for highlighting specific features in our home. Tell us what you think! You could also pair these classic rugs with some wallpaper for a great classy effect. Check out my blog post on Wallpaper for more!