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Milwaukee Interior Design Consultants

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We offer a free consultation for all of our prospective buyers. This will give us 30-60 mins of time to discuss what you are looking for and if you have any specific things you want to talk about. Currently - people love colours. Bold bright colours and neutral tones. We are often asked to incorporate a colour palette within our designs. We also offer interior design for living room and living room colour ideas.

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We make stunning designs for any size of room; and sometimes a small living room design can look better than one that is twice its size. Its all about utilising the space that you have and using it wisely.

Residential properties milwaukee

Living room ideas on a budget. We also design residential properties. We can give you a much more personal design than our commercial designs. Something that truly represents you and who you are. We also understand that some people are on different budgets to others, and we like to work with this - the added challenge of having a budget makes our design even more vital.


Interior Designers Milwaukee

Milwaukee Bedroom interior design tips

Modern bedroom designs and bedroom interior design tips. We offer a free consultation for all of our prospective clients. This can give you some free knowledge to maybe do a bit or research and be able to design yourself. We do not mind giving a free consultation as we love to pass our interior design knowledge on!

situated a few miles from lake michigan

Lovely lake views all year round. If you have a lake house , we want to know about it!

pabst building

If you need evidence of great design. Look no further than the Pabst building in Milwaukee. We redesigned the interior of this iconic space.

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Milwaukee Projects

Lincoln village

We redesigned Lincoln Village. An iconic place in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Art Museum

We can support you with free monthly interior design advice if you sign up to our monthly fee based Design Club program. Just like our clients, the Milwaukee Art Museum. We offer special advice columns tailored to you and an annually complimentary redesign of your home.

Interior Milwaukee design courses

We also offer courses for interior design, teaching you the basics and tips and tricks we have learned along the way. We also offer intermediate and advanced classes that are recognised by the Interior Designers Board.

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Our packages range to suit your needs. If you are not sure. please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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