Lighting Design

Repurposed Vintage Lights

Vintage looks at vintage prices.

We worked with Patrick to update his Flexitarian/Vegan Cafe. Originally a disused warehouse, Patrick wants a reclaimed, yet urban style building. So we put our heads together and got to work.  

We added some LED energy efficient pendant lighting to accent the industrial features of the walls and to get some light into the place. 

We also added some neon signage at the bar area and on the walls. This signage is cheap and easy to customise from stores that will do it all for you. It gives a fun retro 50’s vibe. Great for an Instrgram backdrop. 

"Thanks to A Detailed Palette - my Cafe has been transformed. The Cafe space is such a fun, eclectic space with a combination of modern and vintage vibes. Worth every penny."
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