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Apartment Entryway Update

Apartment Entryway Update

This is a sponsored conversation with Sauder Woodworking Co; the opinions reflected in this post are my own.

Entryway Design with Sauder - A Detailed Palette

It's finally here! I’ve been looking forward to sharing this update and these photos for quite some time! I am so ecstatic to not only be participating in this design challenge with Sauder Woodworking Co., but also to be featured in their Put Together Look Book. The challenge was all about sharing my own unique approach to styling and designing my home. As soon as I saw the Lux Interntional Collection, I knew it would be perfect for my entryway.

Our entryway has been in need of a redesign for quite some time. It wasn’t overly functional, with such limited surface space, and it wasn’t much to look at either. As I live in a small apartment, I wanted to make sure that I was really maximizing the space and getting the most of it and knew it would be the perfect area to focus on for this design challenge.

When tackling any makeover or design project, I like to map out the big pieces first and focus on functionality and flow. The best thing about these pieces from Sauder Woodworking Co. is that each one is so versatile. Just because something was originally designed or built to be a writing desk, there are no limitations on it, and it can be used in a myriad of ways.

The International Lux Writing Desk also works perfectly as an entryway table. Once I had the larger items arranged, including the International Lux Bar Cart and the International Lux Round Side Table, it was time to style the pieces with the ever-important details.

Sauder Lux International Writing Desk - A Detailed Palette

When it comes to styling larger pieces and adding small touches, I approach things a bit differently. I like to test out many different décor pieces and layering techniques to see what really works; and by really works, I mean a set up that not only makes sense and looks beautiful, but also seems to feel very “us”. A home, even in its details, works best if it reflects those who live in it. I’ll try out a few different styling approaches and tweak and adjust until it feels right; I go with my gut.

As you can see below, the entryway  feels so open and welcoming with both ample surface space and some seating space. I also decided to block off a closet door that we rarely use, and instead added the bar cart to this part of the room to really get the most out of the space that we have available. 

Sauder Space - A Detailed Palette

All good hosts know that the first thing to do when entertaining is to offer your guests a drink - having a bar right there near our entryway makes it incredibly easy to do just that. For more on this specific bar cart set up, check out my bar cart styling tips

Bar Cart Styling - A Detailed Palette
Bar Cart Styling - A Detailed Palette
Bar Cart Details - A Detailed Palette

The side table, positioned strategically near the door, acts as a small and simple catch-all with a tray for keys, sunglasses, and a welcoming bouquet of fresh flowers. For small side tables like this, I am sure not to over-style. This table will always be influx when it comes to décor – there won’t always be fresh flowers – but this helps to keep the style fresh and flexible.

Sauder Space Side Table - A Detailed Palette

Again, the Lux Writing Table now provides us with a true entryway in our small apartment. We use one of the drawers to store our dog’s leash, harness, and baggies, while the other keeps mail in order. The desk also creates the perfect space underneath for shoes and bags to gather naturally without looking cluttered or disarrayed.

So far, this new update has been amazing. And I mean, you can tell that Reggie totally approves. :)

Apartment Reveal - A Detailed Palette

Have an amazing weekend!
-xo, Rachel

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.




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