Give Your Stone Or Brick Fireplace A D.I.Y Makeover!

If you’re lucky enough to own a stone fireplace in your house – whether it’s functioning or not – you’re already aware of how it can dominate a room; however, it may not be providing the aesthetic look you’re going for and maybe overshadowing the area in the wrong way. If this is the case, it is time for a change! Whether you’re considering a complete overhaul or a weekend do-it-yourself project, be inspired by these affordable, different fireplace makeover ideas.

Before You Start: A Brief Reminder

Fireplaces are not comparable to other types of house furnishings. They can be a fire hazard if not installed, maintained, and updated properly. We strongly advise you against trying any fireplace upgrade job without first researching local fire laws and enlisting the assistance of a competent professional who knows their stuff! If you choose the do-it-yourself route, please ensure that you obtain your upgrade instructions from a credible source-and do not skip any steps. Keeping things safe must be your top consideration!

Add an Eye-Catching Mantel

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This fireplace features a wooden mantel that adds warmth to the space and attracts attention to the room’s focal point, the fireplace.

Stylish Screen

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Even something as simple as a new fireplace screen can significantly improve the appearance of this vital living room component.

Use Contrasting Colours

This comfortable family room’s fireplace becomes a subtle focal point by painting your stone fireplace surround a similar shade of slate grey.

Use Attractive Artwork

The abstract artwork above the fireplace directs the viewer’s attention to the centre of the room and harmonizes with the other colours found throughout the space. This is a cost-effective remodelling option, subject to the price of the artwork.

Black + White Paints

Maintaining a modern and sparse aesthetic does not have to be boring. This elegant living area is highlighted by neutral furnishings, brilliant white walls, and an ebony veneer and matte black granite fireplace.

Stunning & Glossy finish

You can finish your stone fireplace using a high-gloss crimson paint that is the ideal complement to the flowery wallpaper in the room. The lustrous polish imparts a more abundant, eye-catching appearance.

Paint It!

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While traditional fireplaces can have stunning features or inscriptions, they tend to seem very unimpressive when the stones are too worn, or the paint is cracked. Please keep the original aspects you adore, but breathe new life into them with a fresh coat of paint. It’s probably the simplest way to revitalize your fireplace and provides an opportunity for more creativity.

Tile In style

We adore the aesthetic of a tiled fireplace, and there are numerous ways to customize your stone tiles to your preferences. If you’re a fan of vibrant hues, go wild! If you’re a fan of cool prints, you’ll appreciate exploring an elegant selection. Alternatively, if you want a more understated, sophisticated style, why do you stick to a monochrome palette and incorporate an unusual pattern? These encaustic cement tiles do all the work for you, and their enormous size makes tiling the space around the fireplace for a sleek, clean look a very simple task. And don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be all about the environment. While this is not the quickest and cheapest do-it-yourself project, it is one of the most efficient.

Clean & Sand Your Fireplace

You might be surprised at how much difference cleaning and sanding the stones can make in the appearance of your stone fireplace. Clean the stones with a sponge, water, and light dish soap to remove any built-up filth. If the stones are scuffed, use fine-grit sandpaper to remove the marks carefully. Because this will cause some stones to stand out more than others, you may wish to lightly sand all the fireplace stones to get an even appearance. If there are stones that must be removed immediately, you can chisel out the mortar, slide out the stone, and replace it with a fresh stone. Set the new stone with fresh mortar. Set the new stone with fresh mortar.

Constructing A Concrete Facade Over A Stone Facade

While having a stone fireplace is desirable, huge stones add unnecessary bulk to most designs. You could resurface a stone fireplace as a viable solution by overlaying the brickwork with concrete to fill in the gaps. Thus, the stone will be concealed, and the fireplace will take on a much finer, smoother appearance. By the way, adopting concrete provides a slew of extra benefits. For example, you can repaint it once it dries to add extra colour to your home. Additionally, adding concrete will give your stone fireplace a crisp and rejuvenated appearance, bringing it into the present era. Finally, it is quite simple to use!

Add Concrete To your Stone Facade

Stones give your home a lot of weight, which might result in a lot of “business” that most homes don’t require. Concrete (or stucco) can be put directly into stone masonry to fill in any gaps and conceal the stone’s appearance. This will assist in giving it a lovely, smooth appearance.

Update Your Stone Fireplace With A Wooden Panel

Refinishing your stone fireplace with wood panels might be an excellent and very simple option. This type of renovation is always current, and it also has several advantages. For instance, there are numerous ways to dress up wood panels to achieve the desired aesthetic for your fireplace. White ones will work well for a farmhouse design, while mahogany ones would work well for an antique Cape Cod style. Additionally, panels are ideal for fast removing stone since, unlike concrete, they do not require curing time. Additionally, you will be able to effortlessly hang artwork on them if desired!

Do You Desire More Colour? Choose Bright coloured tiles!

Are you considering enhancing the colour of your stone fireplace? Then the tile is the answer! It’s extremely easy to install, and you can also choose from a wide choice of colours and patterns.
Additionally, tiles are easier to maintain than, say, stone. Moreover, tiling is easier or less expensive than resurfacing a fireplace with stone.

You can completely renovate a stone fireplace on your own and significantly improve the appearance of both the fireplace and the space. Utilize one or more of these affordable stone fireplaces renovating ideas to transform your appearance without breaking the wallet.


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