rustic furniture

How to make furniture look rustic?

Ever wondered about rustic furniture? Well, what is it? And importantly how can you replicate this at home? Well. We have the answers for you. In this guide we will learn how to make rustic furniture and how to make furniture look rustic and more. 

How to make rustic furniture

Rustic hints at something that is perhaps lacking in finesse or a level of detail. But that is simply not true. Other people’s idea of rustic furniture harks back to simpler times when there was not as much in the way of bells and whistles, but the designs were super sturdy and functional. But how to make it rustic? We are going to explore some of the ways that you can make new furniture rustic in your own home. Pair it with a rug!

How to make furniture look rustic?

Making furniture look rustic is surprisingly easy. You have the one main way to do it which is: distressing it. 

How to make old pine furniture look rustic?

This can be done in many different ways but to start we can use chalk paint. Using the chalk paint thickly with a round brush and with stabbing motions will cover quickly and well over any cabinet or dresser you are distressing .. 

rustic twig headboard

rustic twig headboard


Next you must add even more paint very thickly and liberally with a hairdryer. This way it will dry fast and save that layered textured effect you are going for that will add to the look. This gives the impression the piece is old and in need of sanding, and has been painted many times. 

How do you make furniture look rustic?


  • After you have a darker base colour , such as a brown, now choose an accent colour, such as a lighter green. 
  • Paint this normally, not with a stabbing motion. 
  • Next choose a lighter accent colour, such as orange, and apply it thinly in areas you wish to highlight. This will add an aged and rusted look on the furniture. 
  • After this, blend it slightly with your original dark colour to create a blended look. 
  • Continue blending until you get a fab finish that is totally blended, and gives the rustic effect 
  • You can continue accenting with blending the different colours you have and wait until it looks fab.
  • How to refinish wood furniture rustic
  • Once this is all finished and dried, you will then want to take a sander, and start sanding certain parts of the edges to bring back your base colour. This will start to look very textured and distressed. 
  • You can finally accent bits with a smaller brush and work it back in with the original colours. 
  • Lastly you need to apply some wax. You can use annie sloan wax on the accents and details just to darken it slightly and add depth. Think of this light as a painting. It will bring out some of the original colours as well as shapes. 


You can then apply some light wax to make a shine, and make it look fab and truly ristic. 

How to stain rustic pine furniture 

To stain you simply need some wood stain which is easy to come by in home hardware stores and more. To apply you generally need a brush and to apply it consistently to the item you are trying to paint this way you will get an even coating.  

How to create rustic painted furniture

This is how you create rustic painted furniture, there is some amazing variations and opportunities

How to build rustic furniture

To build rustic furniture, it’s easy. You just need to know what you want to make and then it’s sorted. Simply vobler your hrt some bits of wood and follow a tutorial on how to make the thing you want to make . be it a chair, a table. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you’re having fun!


How to build rustic log furniture 

How to build log furniture? Well this could possibly be the easiest way to start building furniture. Logs have been around a lot longer than humans have and therefore we can assume that they were one of the first things that humans worked with in order to create furniture and more.

rustic furniture

rustic furniture

How to make rustic painted furniture?

Someply get some logs and start placing them together. You may want to create a bench, this is pretty easy you just have to try and give it a shot!

How to make rustic furniture with branches 

In this vein you can do the same thing with furniture branches and leaves. Branches are essentially pre cut pieces of wood. The hard part is finding the right ones that will fit into your project, but it is not too difficult. You can make some great looking chairs here. Or even find some legs for a chair or table. 

Where can I find rustic furniture?

You can find it on places like etsy , ebay or even facebook marketplace. To add to this, you could just do it yourself which is what i’m trying to teach you guys!