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Sometimes, if you are planning a party it can be overwhelming to get all of the right pieces for the special day. Especially if it is a baby shower – You need everything to be perfect for the occasion. Many people go to an interior designer for help on this. But what you really need is a party planner, and someone who has expertise in gift boxes, and baby furniture. This way you can get pure luxury for those couple of days, and not have to worry about a huge cost at the end of it. 

Today I am going to do a spotlight on Velvet living, a baby gift box, and furniture hire company that specialises in events furniture in London.

Event furniture

Have you ever seen a baby shower with super expensive looking decor and interiors? The tables and chairs and dining arrangements are out of this world? This is where event furniture comes in. for just that one day the hosts have the perfect looking event. Velvet living london can do baby shower decoration, as well as gift boxes for mum and baby. Their gift boxes for new babies, and kids. They have an incredibly cute range of velvet soft toys, like rabbits and unicorns.

velvet living

velvet living

It is heavily used and utilised with things like award shows, and events that you do not often have, but have a certain air of the grandiose about them. 

Velvet Living

Velvet living are based in London and specialise in pop up event furniture, they have worked on the international stage as well as TV, kitting out the green rooms to the BAFTA awards, as well as the Brit awards and many more. This further amplifies how versatile Velvet Living’s event furniture is that they can decorate a whole host of events and aesthetics for the rich and famous.

Velvet living’s social media is great to see what they are doing and keep up to date with their company. Check out their twitter page here. They also have a great Instagram page and other social media accounts like Velvet living’s Pinterest.

Violet & Wren

You may have heard of the fashion designer violet and wren that specialise in luxury loungewear and silk pyjama sets. They are truly pure luxury! Pairing these choice fashion pieces with your events (such as a pamper party) can make it Instagram worthy. You may have seen that Velvet Living London actually work with Violet and Wren to provide some of these luxury items in their gift boxes.

Work ethic

Velvet living will organise your event down to the letter. There will be attention paid not only to the furniture, but to things like the floor plans and the best use of the space, all the way down to the scheduling of the event, and organising the gift boxes for guests.

baby gift box

baby gift box

They also have knowledge of speaker systems for parties, events or speeches so can help you set up sound and advise on the best speakers to use. Velvet Living London also are linked to Velvet Entertainment which is an event planner company based in London.

You can see Velvet Living’s linkedin here. This will give you an idea of the other independent brands that Velvet living works with and trades with on a regular basis. It is very important for small businesses to support each other, and that is what makes this company great. .

Specialist Sourced Pieces

This event management company also can provide specialist sourced pieces for your event. If you want something rare, or hard to find – Velvet Living London will be able to source your item quickly, and easily. Contact Velvet Living for more information about this service they offer.

Pop up event furniture

Having a pop up event, such as a pop up store that will be open until the stock runs out? This is where velvet living london would come in, they have all of the materials to make a perfect pop up store. Furthermore, you can guarantee it will be super Instagram friendly, stylish and most importantly, functional.  


Furniture rental 

People often think the concept of furniture rental is strange, but the reality is that getting a good piece of furniture is very difficult these days. Especially for a good price. If you are like me, and are very aware of design trends and interior design you will also be conscious that if you go for the more thrifty option of the second hand sofa, it may not be in fashion for a lot longer!

So the real solution is furniture rental. I often use it for my interior design clients too, I had to design a Christening for a baby, and decided to use a silver colour scheme which was super cute. I worked with Velvet living london, in order to get some gift baby boxes for the star of the show! They went down a treat. You can also get these boxes on a subscription basis, so for instance if you have a skincare box, you can get this on a monthly basis.

These pieces can really make or break a space and a vibe, and I am told that these pieces managed to sell the property. I know in big cities it can be tough to live on a budget and have a great looking home to boot, but the furniture hire London industry seems to be thriving right about now, so it is the perfect time to bite the bullet and rent that  piece of furniture you may have been wanting for a long time but may have not been able to afford. 

Furniture hire Waltham Abbey

I was also asked to design a wedding which took place in Essex at Waltham Abbey, for this I had to find some furniture hire. Again Velvet living helped greatly with finding the perfect wedding gift that matched the look we were going for, and within no time we had a fantastic looking reception with all of the classic and traditional pieces the guests wanted. Initially the couple were wanting a wedding decoration company UK, so i put forward Velvet living London, because they have experience in pop up wedding furniture, as well as other aspects of party planning like photo booths. 

Velvet Living Gift boxes

If you really struggle with buying gifts for people, or you maybe know that one person who is super hard to buy for! You may want to think about getting a gift box for them. This takes out the stress of getting them a perfect gift. But it keeps the thought there, and the range of exquisite packaging makes these gift boxes something truly special. Velvet living London also offer them for a range of different occasions.