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Chinese Drywall in Florida

Of all the states affected, Florida Chinese drywall has been the most prevalent.  The Florida Department of Health indicates that homes built since 2003 could be affected by defective drywall.  Florida, known for its hot and humid weather, is likely one of the first states to witness the symptoms of tainted drywall because of the effect that heat and humidity have on the off-gasing of the problematic drywall.

How many homes have been affected by Chinese drywall in Florida?

Chinese drywall in Florida has been reported in homes built since 2003.  As of December 1st, 2009, 638 cases of Chinese drywall in Florida had been self-reported.  The Florida Department of Health indicates that this number likely under represents the true number of cases.  Nationwide, as of November 17th, 2044 cases of Chinese drywall had been reported.  Based on this number, problematic drywall in Florida accounts for approximately 30% of the cases.

Why is Chinese drywall in Florida so prevalent?

Florida is known for it’s hot and humid weather.  A link between heat and humidity and how quickly the effects of defective drywall manifest themselves has been well established.  It is not surprising, then, that the number of cases of problematic drywall in Florida has been more dramatic than some other areas of the country.  In addition to this relationship, much of the state of Florida experienced rapid growth during the period of time in which this drywall was imported.  Huge numbers of homes and businesses were built during the construction boom in Florida.  Each of these buildings could contain Chinese drywall in Florida.

What are the problems with Chinese drywall in Florida?

The effects of tainted drywall in Florida are not limited to homes that were built with defective drywall.  The Florida Chinese drywall stigma is affecting entire neighborhoods.  If one home in a neighborhood is confirmed to contain Chinese drywall, the resulting stigma and fear has paralyzed potential buyers.  Homes in these neighborhoods have proven very difficult to sell.  Further, many builders have acknowledged that they used defective drywall in Florida.  Subsequently, any homes built by these builders are subject to the same Chinese drywall stigma.  These homes have also been very difficult to sell.  The effect of Chinese drywall in Florida combined with the general depression of real estate values across the country has led to acute drops in property values.  Many Florida appraisers are adjusting appraised values on homes affected by Chinese drywall in Florida by 50%.  The result is decreased values of neighboring properties and an obvious sign of what homes have been affected.  As a result, many home owners who would like to sell their home are stuck, even though their home may not contain Chinese drywall.  Now, these home owners are able to guarantee to potential buyers that the home does not contain Chinese drywall.  Further, these sellers can assign the insurance policy that is issued after a negative test for Chinese drywall in Florida to the new buyer, protecting them even after the transaction is completed.

How has Florida Chinese drywall affected insurance?

Another issue facing many Florida home owners relates to home owner’s insurance.  The premiums paid in Florida are already some of the highest in the country.  Now, the most substantial construction defect since asbestos threatens to increase those premiums further.  In some situations, the Florida Chinese drywall stigma makes it impossible to insure a home until it can be proven that the home does not contain Chinese drywall.  Because of the increased risk of house fire associated with Chinese drywall in Florida, insurance companies are preemptively dropping or not renewing because of this risk.  Like potential buyers, it is reported that some home owner’s insurance companies have decided that they will not renew policies on homes in neighborhoods affected by Chinese drywall in Florida.  Similarly, homes built by builders who have acknowledged that they have used Chinese drywall in Florida are also being sent non-renewal notices.  The result is a home that either cannot be insured or is insured at a higher premium.

The insurance policy available after a negative Chinese drywall test from Certified Chinese Drywall Testing serves as a rider policy and releases typical home owner’s insurance companies from any liability associated with Chinese drywall in Florida.  In response, these insurers are able to re-issue home owner’s insurance to homes that were viewed as too risky.

How much does a Florida Chinese drywall test cost?

The average Chinese drywall inspection in Florida, including sample analysis, costs $1,000.  Larger homes will have a slightly higher cost.  In addition, group/bulk discounts are available.  Contact us for a free estimate for your Florida Chinese drywall inspection.

The Florida cities with the greatest number of reported cases are

  • Miami
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • West Palm Beach
  • Port St. Lucie
  • Palm Bay
  • Boca Raton
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Sarasota
  • St. Petersburg
  • Naples
  • Ft. Myers
  • Jacksonville
  • Daytona
  • Panama City