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Miami Chinese Drywall

In the hardest hit state in the country, Miami Chinese drywall is the most significantly impacted area.  The Florida Department of health estimates that homes built between 2005 and 2008 could be affected.  Miami, no stranger to hot and humid weather, is likely one of the first areas to experience the issues caused by Chinese drywall.  Several studies indicate that Miami Chinese drywall creates higher level of the gasses that cause the problems because of the heat and humidity.

Miami Chinese Drywall Adverse Health Effects

Chinese drywall in Miami has been linked to various health issues, including headaches, nose bleeds, itching, coughing, sinus infections, and eye irritation.  The various government agencies that are investigating this have not officially confirmed the adverse health issues, but reports are wide spread.  In the course of the investigation, several Consumer Products Safety Commission employees reported similar symptoms.  The long term health consequences of exposure to toxic drywall in Miami have not yet been determined.

Miami Chinese Drywall Problems and Property Damage

Chinese drywall in Miami is also causing extensive property damage.  The gas that is produced creates a corrosive environment that results in premature failure of many components in the home.  Electronics, appliances, and air conditioning units are all failing at astronomical rates.  Some Miami homeowners affected by Chinese drywall report replacing their air conditioning every other year.  A week without A/C in Miami is not fun!

Miami Chinese Drywall Inspectors — Buyer Beware!

The entire state of Florida, the Miami area included, is flooded with inspectors claiming to provide Chinese drywall inspections.  These companies, in fact, offer only limited inspections.  Either they perform only visual checks for signs of corrosion or they offer limited material testing.  Without testing each and every sheet of drywall in a home, there is no guarantee that the home is free of Chinese drywall in Miami.
The benefit of a fully guaranteed and comprehensive inspection is that the results are insurable.  A negative result on a guaranteed Chinese drywall test will allow a homeowner to purchase an insurance policy specifically for Chinese drywall.  This policy will help market values and will allow you to keep your homeowners insurance.  The benefits and applications of this are described more below.

Miami Chinese Drywall Property Values

Entire neighborhoods in the Miami area have been affected.  Some neighborhoods are estimating that Chinese drywall in Miami affects 40% of the homes.  That does not mean, however, that the other 60% are not also affected.  Indeed, they are affected by the mere suggestion that their home may contain Chinese drywall.  Potential buyers, not willing to risk the chance of purchasing a home contaminated in Miami with Chinese drywall avoid the entire neighborhood.  These buyers don’t even consider these areas and move on to other options.  As a result, market values have plunged in many of these Miami neighborhoods.  If homes sell at all, they are selling at a dramatic discount, even if there is no proof that the home is contaminated with Chinese drywall.
Certified Chinese Drywall Testing offers the nation’s only insurable Chinese drywall testing protocol.  A negative test for Chinese drywall in Miami serves as proof that the home does not have Chinese drywall.  As a further peace of mind, the home owner is then able to purchase an insurance policy that specifically covers any damage associated with the future discovery of Chinese drywall in Miami.  This policy is also assignable, so that homeowners who are attempting to sell their home can do so without dramatically discounting the price.  The homeowner can purchase this policy and assign it to the buyer, thereby protecting the new buyer from any risk associated with Chinese drywall!  This policy is able to overcome the Miami Chinese drywall stigma.

Miami Chinese Drywall Builders

Similarly, this Miami Chinese drywall fear extends to builders as well.  Several builders, including Lennar Homes and Engle Homes, both based out of Florida, have acknowledged the use of Chinese drywall in Miami.If a builder acknowledges the use of Chinese drywall in a neighborhood, or even a single home, potential buyers are avoiding other homes built by the same company.  Potential sellers are trapped.  Our protocol alleviates Miami Chinese drywall fear because it is 100% insurable!
Certified Chinese Drywall Testing in Miami has been made aware of the fact that several builders have begun the process of remediation Chinese drywall in Miami.  The process is long — sometimes up to 6 months — and the cost is significant.  While these builders should be commended for taking action, homeowners should be careful.  Pay special attention to anything that the builder asks you to sign.  Often times, these forms contain clauses that prevent you from claiming damages from them in the future.  In addition, ask for a third party Chinese drywall test and an insurance policy to be reimbursed by the builder.  If you are going to sign off on your rights to future claims, you should be protected in case additional Chinese drywall is found in your home in the future.  In addition, this policy will make it easier to sell your home in the future as well.  As a seller, you will have to disclose that your home was remediated for Chinese drywall in Miami.  The protection resulting from a negative Chinese drywall test as well the insurance obtained will alleviate the concern of any potential buyers.

Miami Chinese Drywall Homeowners Insurance

Home owner’s insurance does not cover Chinese drywall or any damage associated with it.  Many home owner’s insurance companies, in fact, are dropping or not renewing policies on homes that are affected by Chinese drywall in Miami.  They are also preemptively dropping or not renewing policies on homes related to any that are confirmed to have Chinese drywall.  Similar to the situation explained above, some companies are dropping coverage on homes built by a certain builder or in a certain neighborhood during the affected time frame.  The result?  Higher insurance premiums or an uninsured home.
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