Knauf Plasterboard | Knauf Drywall

Origin of Knauf Plasterboard Knuaf plasterboard is name after the company that manufactures the defective drywall.  Knauf is a drywall manufacturer in China that exported enough Knauf plasterboard to build 100,000 homes.  This plasterboard appears to be centered around the coastal ports into which it arrived.  Many of the cases of Knauf plasterboard are located in Florida, around the port …

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Chinese Drywall Quick Fix

Oxititan Rememdiation! We are now seeking partners who are willing to take part in and participate with (USHIC) US Home Inspections Corp., remediation of 8 homes. Spray coating of walls and surfaces with this incredible product and participate in recording results over time. It could be the answer for thousands who are living with Chinese Drywall homes. For more information …

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sheet rock

Chinese Sheet Rock | Chinese Drywall | Toxic Drywall

Chinese Sheet Rock Quick facts about Chinese sheet rock:  Anecdotally linked to various health issues Confirmed to cause extensive corrosion and property damage Primarily used in construction between 2001 and 2008 Majority of cases a centered in Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, and Mississippi What is Chinese sheet rock? Chinese sheet rock is a material defect that will have consequences that will far surpass anything that …

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Drywall Inspection

Drywall Inspection Drywall inspection is a new concept.  Until the Chinese drywall was discovered, drywall had always been an innocuous building material.  Now, a drywall inspection is an absolute requirement on any home that was built between 2001 and 2008.  The ramifications of not having a drywall inspection prior to buying a home are potentially devastating.  The risks associated with …

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Chinese Drywall Test | Chinese Drywall Testing

Testing Chinese Drywall I don’t have any of the signs of Chinese drywall, why should I get a test? If you don’t have any of the signs of Chinese drywall — corrosion, rotten egg smell — your home may not contain problematic drywall.  The issue is, however, that potential buyers, insurers, and lenders are not satisfied by the fact that the …

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Virginia Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall in Virginia Chinese drywall in Virginia has been reported at a slower rate than the three other states.  Each of the three states are located deeper in the Southeast and are exposed to higher heat and humidity.  These two factors have been linked to the rate at which Chinese drywall in Virginia produces the corrosive gases.  Because Virginia Chinese drywall is exposed …

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Louisiana Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall in Louisiana Louisiana Chinese drywall is the second most prevalent of all affected states.  As of the middle of December 2009, 415 homeowners had reported symptoms associated with Chinese drywall in Louisiana.  These symptoms include corrosion and a smell of rotten eggs.  Further, Chinese drywall in Louisiana has been linked in several reports to adverse health effects.  The symptoms …

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Ft. Myers Chinese Drywall

Ft. Myers Chinese Drywall Ft. Myers Chinese drywall is a huge problem. The Department of Health in Florida has indicated that homes built between 2005 and 2008 are affected. Other sources indicate that homes built as early as 2001 are affected. Some estimate that enough drywall was imported to build 100,000 homes. It is likely that dramatically more homes are …

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Miami Chinese Drywall | South Florida Chinese Drywall

Miami Chinese Drywall In the hardest hit state in the country, Miami Chinese drywall is the most significantly impacted area.  The Florida Department of health estimates that homes built between 2005 and 2008 could be affected.  Miami, no stranger to hot and humid weather, is likely one of the first areas to experience the issues caused by Chinese drywall.  Several studies indicate …

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Florida Chinese Drywall | Chinese Drywall in Florida

Chinese Drywall in Florida Of all the states affected, Florida Chinese drywall has been the most prevalent.  The Florida Department of Health indicates that homes built since 2003 could be affected by defective drywall.  Florida, known for its hot and humid weather, is likely one of the first states to witness the symptoms of tainted drywall because of the effect that heat …

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